Saturday, January 20, 2018

What I think we should do about immigration.

    First of all to all of those that used to read this blog when I was active how are you doing? I actually had been trying to get into this blog for awhile, but I never could remember what my user name was after taking five years off. It just came to me a couple of secs ago. This started has a Facebook post. I was going to post What I think we should do about immigration. Then I started thinking about how long of a post that would be and I thought I'd try to come to my old blog and post it here instead. So that's what I will do.

     The whole immigration debate has now gotten so out of hand that apparently democrats were willing to shut the government down. Now I have my own opinions about President Trump which if I decide to continue making post in the future I'm sure you will learn about. However considering the Democrats shut the government down over something that was not urgent or even related to a spending bill it's hard to see how you can blame anyone but democrats for not at least voting to pass that CR last night. Now on to what I want to say about immigration.
    The immigration debate is complicated ans confusing in several ways. First off I don't really think most people are looking to get rid of people who were bought here when they were kids and have lived several years without causing any problems. Of course the issue is then what do you do? We can't just allow them to stay and keep the status quo because if we do in 30 years we are going to be doing the same thing over again. We know this because about 30 years ago Reagan granted amnesty to illegal immigrants and now we are in the same situation we were then. So there is no way America should do anything without first making sure this is the last time we will have this problem. This thing with people being deported five times then committing a major crime has to stop. If we deport someone it needs to be almost a certainty that person can't just walk back across the next day. This obviously means a wall/border security. Now if we can get the border security to make sure this is the last time we will have this problem what do we do with the people who are already here?

     My solution would be to allow the people who were not born here to apply for permanent residency, but not citizenship. The children that were born here are citizens. Anyone who thinks anything else just as a reading comprehension issue. The constitution is very clear that if you are born in America you are an American. So if you want to get rid of people who have kids in America you are advocating separating children from their parents and grandparents and I just can't agree with that line of thinking, which is why I support permanent residency for those people. I also wouldn't go try and track down every illegal that lives in the country and deport them. I mean if they aren't causing any trouble and they are not voting what's the point? Now I would be for deporting any illegal who commits a felony or a major misdemeanor. Misdemeanor assault for example would be something that could be a deport-able offense. However we shouldn't be checking immigration status on speeders unless it's someone going 90 in a 45 or something along those lines. Minor traffic violations do not need to turn into high speed chases causing death because the person behind the wheel thinks they will be deported if they pull over.

     In conclusion there is really no reason to be stupid about this issue. It's really not that hard. Get the border secured, and then treat the people who are here, and who have not caused any issues while they have been here like human beings. However the key to all of this is getting the border secured. Republicans aren't going to give an inch until they get that done. They took the Democrats word on border security thirty years ago and here we are right back in the same place.


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