Sunday, June 29, 2008

McCain even with Obama in the Money race.

I know I can't believe it either. John McCain raised 21.4 million dollars in May while Obama raised 23.8 million dollars. McCain is only six million behind Obama in Cash on Hand trailing 43.1 to 35.9. How can this be. Obama raised 295.5 million to McCain's 124.6 million overall. First of all Obama's protracted race for the nomination cost alot of money, but maybe more importantly Obama has been spending more money than he has been taking in. In April Obama's burn rate was 114% In otherwords for every dollar that came in he spent $1.14. Mccain's was 45% in the same month. Of course to be fair Obama was still in a race and McCain had already clinched the nomination. However this should give us an indication of how these candidate plans to run the country. Obama has spent 83% of all the money coming in over the entire campaign and McCain spent 78%. (These are all April numbers) This is why although outraised by over 170 million dollars Mccain is almost even in cash on hand.

The other elephant in the room, no pun intended, is the RNC has much more money than the DNC. The Republican National Committee currently has $53 million dollars and the DNC has $4 million. This election might not go as badly for the Republicans or as good for the Democrats as some people have suggested. It's still a long way to Election Day anything can happen.


  1. I think you adequately surmise why Obama and McCain are currently even in money, but given that you know the reasons why this is the case -- the extended primary -- I'm not sure why you suggest it will tell us anything about how their presidencies will be run.

    I think the fact that McCain and the RNCs money has come from bundlers, large donors, lobbyists and PACs, whereas Obama's and the DNC's have come largely from regular individuals giving in amounts $200 or less is probably a better indicator of who these men owe their allegiance to.

    McCain can go on all he wants about public financing, but when his party is taking money from the same old sources, it falls on deaf ears.

    As for the RNC, don't forget, they're going to have to make up for the massive money gap between the NRSC and RNCC on the one hand, and the DSCC and DCCC on the other.

    Plus, the extended primary has been starving the DNC of funds. While I think you guys will maintain a solid lead there, I expect the DNC's numbers to improve.

  2. Mccain is to liberal. Write in huckabee!!!!!!!