Friday, June 27, 2008

N. Korea destorys cooling tower.

North Korea destoryed the cooling tower at their Pyongyang Nuclear plant today at 5:10pm local time. State Department spokesman Tom Casey said that North Korea had agreed to principles for verifying its declaration. "They have agreed that every question that we have about their nuclear program — plutonium, uranium, proliferation — is something they have to answer," he said. "That would mean, if there is any place we want to visit, we should be allowed to visit, any person we want to talk to, we should be allowed to."

While this is a very big development it is easily reversible if North Korea wants to rebuild the tower it would take about a month. The move to destory the tower is more symbolic than anything else. Also the report North Korea has submitted to China via the six party talks still needs to be verified according to State Dept offical Christopher Hill.

Here is a picture of the destruction of the cooling tower.

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