Monday, June 16, 2008

Why won't Obama debate McCain?

So why is Obama afraid to debate John McCain? Is it because he feels McCain experience in foreign policy will make him look weak? Is it that Obama doesn't want to discuss tax policies with John McCain? Is it because Obama is not has quick on his feet has he great at giving speeches? Is he worried that he can't know the answers beforehand if he doesn't know the questions beforehand? Does he fear being showed up by Senator McCain on a national stage? Or is it just that he doesn't want those bitter bible thumping, gun toting, regular people asking him questions he does not want to answer? Yes.

At these town halls there will probably be someone there asking about the Rev. Wright controversay, or about Bill Ayers, or another major problem Obama has had in this campaign. Obama doesn't want to talk about these issues because they remind people of his negatives, and he has any politican only wants people thinking about his positives. Obama will have to duck and dodge these questions making him look like the typical slippery politican who can't give a straight answer. That's not good when your with someone who rode in on the "Straight Talk Express."

Another reason would be Obama's lack on Foreign Policy experience. Obama doesn't wnat to talk about Foreign policy, no matter how much he says he does. Obama has no idea what to do when it comes to forgien policy. I don't think he's read a paper for information on Iraq in two years, if he had he would realize that the surge has been successful and that the Iraqi's on getting closer to being able to defend themselves every day. However an early withdrawl will allow that progress to collapse and probably force the U.S. to go back in just a few years. McCain would say Except this time will be facing an entrenched Al-Qaeda and possibly a nuclear Iran. Right now we have Al-Qaeda in Iraq on the ropes and Iran under international pressure to cease it's nuclear weapons program. At a town hall event this subject is most likely going to be bought up. Then Obama will have to explain why people should listen to him instead of a war hero with over thirty years of experience in the Senate, and many years of experience handling forgien policy, I wish the Freshman Senator luck with that.

Obama's plans to raise taxes on Americans is probably not going to go over well. Especially when put next to McCain's plan to lower taxes. Plain and simple most people believe lower taxes are better for them than high taxes. The more money the government takes away from you the less you have to spend. Of course Obama thinks the government should provide for you, and knows better than you what you need. They want to take your paycheck and spend it on universal healthcare, more money for welfare and unemployment, and other special projects which Obama will tell us about if he gets elected. Meanwhile we will still keep spending money on lawmakers pork barrel projects, most of which do nothing to help the country. McCain will keep taxes low and veto any bill containing these pork-barrel projects. That always goes over better with people than raising taxes and spending money on pork-barrel projects.

On top of everything else I've stated Obama only wants one town hall event, on July 4th because he doesn't come off has well at them has he does when giving speeches. If you don't believe me you can find some examples on my website. Obama doesn't think has well on his feet has many in the media would like us to believe. However McCain does. This is the reason he wants the one townhall on July 4th when everyone is out at a BBQ. At a town hall the American people would see a McCain that is just has vigorous has Obama. Obama on the otherhand would not come off has well has he does in his speeches because there would be follow up questions and people would ask for details of his plans. In my opinion the crowd at the townhall, and at home won't like the plans Obama has for the country. The townhalls would also take away the age factor. The events will make people forget about how old he is.

McCain could probably win the election on the strength of these events alone if Obama accepted the challenge. McCain is just better than Obama in townhall settings. However, if Obama refuses to debate McCain at these townhall events, as he has so far, McCain will beat him over the head with the issue. McCain will and is already asking Obama why he doesn't want to American people to see them debate. He's also showing the American people that he's ready to debate the younger Obama and by asking for ten debates is telling them he's in great shape. The truth is this is a win-win for McCain.

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  1. Great blog. I saw the link that you left on Redstate, and I'm glad that I read it. I agree with everything that you say.

  2. One other thing, I am a former Clinton supporter, but I will never vote for Obama--in part, because his lousy debating skills reveal him for the empty suit that he is.

  3. Even taking your analysis at face value, are you actually arguing that Obama is somehow obligated to meet McCain on McCain's most favorable terms? That would be politically stupid. I don't actually agree a townhall would hurt Obama, and I do think putting the two of them on stage together is very much going to bring up the age issue. The sheer visuals of the very tall Obama towering over the much shorter McCain will also make McCain look weak. It'll be the Nixon-Kennedy debates all over again.

    Moreover, it's not like McCain is calling for these town hall meetings out of some sense of duty to the American people to provide an expansive dialogue. Obama's going to crush McCain in fundraising, and McCain needs all the free media he can get, which is why he's effectively asking to tour the country with Obama.

  4. Wrong, when push came to shove. the push back came from dear old John, the same way it did when it came to taking public money for the campaign. McBush's campaign hedged and hedged until Obama said screw it basically. While McCain said it, his own campaign would only go for the 3.
    I guess you have been missing the parts where McCain's own campaign says, " the candidate does not speak for his own campaign" Tucker Bounds
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