Friday, July 25, 2008

England wants new laws prohibting knives.

That's right apparently some citizens in England our campaigning for tougher laws against knifes. I guess this is what happens if you don't have a problem with guns.

Judge Robert Connor of England was trying a case involving a teenager who is accused of wounding another teen with a knife. In England it is against the law to carry a blade longer than three inches. I'm sure that wouldn't go over well in America especially here in the South. After the Teen said he needed only one hand to open the knife the judge spoke up and asked, "It happens I have a folding knife in my pocket. You need two hands to open it, don’t you?" That's where the trouble started

Under English and Welsh law it is an offense to carry in public a blade longer than 3 inches without good reason. Furious anti-knife crime campaigners called last night for the judge to be fired for bandishing a knife. Lyn Costello, co -founder of the Mothers Against Murder and Aggression campaign took the lead saying, “He should lose his job. One teenager a week is being murdered on the streets of Britain and here he is brandishing a knife.” Ms. Costello also asked judges in Great Britian for tougher sentences for those carrying knifes saying that they should not be carrying their own knives.

“Enough is enough – we need to get tough on knives in this country and our judges should be handing out tough sentences, not brandishing their own.”

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