Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Favre wants to play football

Brett Favre held a very emotional retirement press conference a couple of months ago. Even has I was watching it I was thinking, this guy really wants to play why is he retiring. Turns out he's now thinking the same thing. The Packer Legend has decided he wants to go one more round has a quarterback in the NFL. However the Packers are saying, "not so fast there Brett." Aaron Rodgers has waited in the shadow of Brett Favre for three full seasons. I remember when he was drafted I thought to myself that he would back up Favre for a year and by the next season, two at the most be staring for the Packers. Now he has waited three full seasons and Brett wants him to wait for another year. It appears that the Packers have decided that neither they nor Rodgers can afford to wait another year. Let's face it the kid deserves a chance to play. However it also appears that the Packers don't want to let Favre go either, and this is where the problem lies.

Brett Favre will always be a Packer in the eyes of the fans of the NFL. He's undoubtably go into the Hall of Fame has a Packer, and have his number retired in Lambou Field. However if the man still wants to play who are the Packers to say that he can't. Although I can see the problem with having him in the same divison so here's what I purpose. I think the Packers should release Favre and allow him to sign with any team outside the NFL Central. This way they don't have to see him two times a year and he can still sign with almost any team he wants.

As far as has Legacy goes it doesn't matter. Joe Montana spent his last years with the Kansas City Chiefs, Michael Jorden played for the Washington Wizards and Johnny Unitas signed with the L.A. Rams for their last seasons. However if I went out and asked who Joe Montana played for everyone would say the 49ers, Johnny Unitas the Baltimore Colts, and Michael Jordan the Chicago Bulls. These athletes did not hurt their legacy by switching teams at the end of their career and neither will Favre. Whatever happens here we'll see Favre as a Packer at least one more time at his Hall of Fame induction.

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