Saturday, July 26, 2008

Obama's trip will hurt his campaign

Obama's current overseas trip is going to end up hurting the Freshman Senator in the long run. Americans don't like their political candidates going overseas to get votes from people who don't even live in the country. It looks arrogant and presumpuous. Plus while Obama has been overseas McCain has been hammering him and talking to people in swing states about issues they care about. Americans generally like having their candidates in the place they want to govern. For instance If I was running for governor of South Carolina going to Arkansas, even to meet with the governor, probably wouldn't help me in my campaign.

Obama at the very best stayed pat during this trip. He may have even lost ground. The truth is if Obama is going to win this election he should be up double-digits. I may have said that before but it bears repeating. I think it's safe to say that McCain will pick up a majority of the undecideds, also known as people who don't want to say their voting Republican, on Election Day. Obama believes he will bring new voters to the polls and maybe he will, but will it be enough? I doubt it. Alot of people think I am crazy, but I still think McCain could win forty states. With Obama saying things like "Israel is Israel's closest friend." It's only a matter on time before he has one of those flubs on the national stage. Perhaps during a debate with McCain, if he ever accepts McCain's challenge.

Obama's other problem is that he comes off more and more has an ordinary politican. He changes his views when it's conveinent, claims he didn't say something or that people misunderstood what he meant. Of course for a candidate with an extensive background on issues this wouldn't be a big deal, but for someone like Obama where all you have to look at is what he has said over the last year and a half, it matters when he switches positions. It makes it easy to paint him as a person who can't make decisions and who lacks judgement. I expect Senator McCain to hit Obama with exactly those two charges from now until the election. Trust me by the first Tuesday in November the shine will have come off the golden boy.


  1. And yet, it's McCain who still doesn't know the difference between Shia and Sunnis. It's McCain who doesn't know Iraq doesn't share a border with Pakistan. It's McCain who flipped from calling James Dobson as an "agent of intolerance" and yet now craves his support. It's McCain who shifted his position on immigration, going so far as to say he'd vote against HIS OWN FRIGGIN' BILL. It's McCain who consistently said we didn't need more troops in Afghanistan and has now flipped positions, but doesn't actually have any way to put more troops there. It's McCain who now says 16 months seems like a reasonable timetable for withdrawal from Iraq. It's McCain who flipped on the Bush tax cuts.

    I don't mind you thinking McCain could win, but thinking McCain will win 40 states is just way out of line with reality. It makes it look like you don't know what you're talking about.

    Also, there's no historical data to support you conclusion that undecideds are really "people who are going to visit Republicans." I'm not even sure where you're getting that from.

    Also, you need to provide links for your assertions. I never see so many undocumented assertions as I do on conservative blogs. For the record, here is the site that will provide links for every assertion I made in this comment. It took all of three seconds to find.

    Do your research before you post things like this. When you don't have sources, it makes it seem like you don't really have a case.

    Also, your Gov. of SC speaking in AK doesn't hold water, given that the Gov. of SC wouldn't have anything to do with AK, but the President of the US will have to engage in relations with other countries. You're better than this post.

    Sources, sources, sources. Just like you were in college, you've got to back up assertions with actual sources. Otherwise, don't write the post.

    And you and I both know that verbal gaffes don't decide elections. If they did George W. Bush never would've gotten anywhere near the White House.

    So, let's get serious about this.

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  3. For the record States do alot of business with each other. Why do you think they all have Sec. of State's. Also a governor might want to convince a company to move their headquarters to his State from another State. They may require leaving the State to go talk to the company. Has far as the undecideds being republican take a look at the 2004 election. I'm writing a response to the McCain filp-flop on Iraq tonight so get ready big-blue.