Saturday, August 2, 2008

American troop deaths in July at an all time low.

I realize I'm a little late with this story, but I wanted to make sure I wrote about it. The U.S. lost five Soliders in July. This is the lowest number of troops killed since the begining of the war. Yet another sign this war is coming to an end and that we have emerged victorious. President Bush suggested that this news could allow him to further withdrawl troops before he leaves office. Of course we will have to wait until Petraeus reports to the President in September. Also the Iraqi's will have provincial elections in October. These elections should provide stablity and allow local leaders to be in charge of local affairs. Along with the Iraqi Army taking control of most major millitary Operations, it's looking more and more like the Iraqi's don't need us there anymore.

This may end up being the nail in Obama's coffin. When it becomes obvious that we will be out of Iraq no matter whose President, except for the residual force, and that America has won this war because of the surge. Americans may not want to turn the reigns of our Armed Forces over to someone who opposed the very measure that allowed our troops to return home with honor.

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