Friday, August 8, 2008

Edwards admits to affair.

John Edwards admitted today that he had an affair with Rielle Hunter, a 42 year old campaign worker. Edwards denied these rumors while running for President. Elizabeth Edwards has been suffering with cancer however John Edwards made sure to mention she was in remission when the affair occured. She has now been diagnosed with terminal career.

The affair occured in 2006 and Edwards says he is not the father of Miss Hunter's baby because he the timing of the affair and the baby's birth don't add up. In other words it had more than 9 months since he had slept with her, according the John Edwards.

There are alot of sites that go into this in-depth, but this isn't going to be one of them. Edwards made a terrible decision by cheating on his wife. It probably has cost him any chance to run for office in 2012, or even to have a role at this year's Democratic Convention or any role in any future Democratic Administration. His political career is over. How this affects his marriage is between John and Elizabeth.

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  1. The guy has always oozed sleeze, and this goes to prove what kind of person he is. Wife at home with cancer. Way to go John.


  2. Well, Elizabeth has known about this for a couple of years, so I don't see that it will affect their relationship, but yeah, his political career is over. Best he can hope for is to be some sort of outside strategist five or ten years from now. Really hard to believe he ran for president with this hanging over his head. Incredibly selfish of the man.

    That said, Edwards doesn't even win the week in the sex scandal contest, as a Republican state rep in Missouri has been charged with sexually assaulting a fourteen year old girl. He had been having an affair with her mother, and she was apparently there when her daughter was assaulted.

  3. Of course a State Rep doesn't make big news, no one even knows who he is. However I did her about it as I was talking with some people yesterday. I hope this guy gets 25to life.

  4. so thats why he spends all that mney at a beauty shop

  5. Gitmo which is horrendously old news will likely get more news coverage over the next two years than the Edwards story will, because leftists would rather attack their own country over and over and over and over than make a single one of their own accountable for anything.

    Liberals will be in downplay mode, eager to get back to trashing their own country - saying:

    “Poor Edwards’ family. They must really be hurting right now. Now let’s get back to talking about how horrible America is...and how Conservatives are to blame – never minding the fact that liberals have been in control of congress for how long?.”

    That is the difference….

    When a conservative messes up, other conservatives pressure the idiot out of whatever office they hold or hope to hold. Conservatives don’t start making excuses, yipping again about 6 year old stories designed to announce to the world how much they hate their country.

    When a liberal lies, cheats, pays off a mistress and insults others in the process – well then liberals immediately go into all the reasons why it’s no big deal.

    Well here’s a news flash for the wild eyed, protest giddy leftist who seems to think this isn’t a big deal….. this story is not going away in a week.. or two… or three….Why?

    Because Edwards is STILL lying about half the story… He lies even when he “supposedly” is coming clean. Of course Clinton really said it best – it all depends on what the definition of “is” is…… l

    Danny Vice