Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Obama: Out of Touch and Full of Himself

From Conservatism Today:

If the Obama campaign goes forth with its plans to have Obama speak on Thursday from the Greek Temple set currently being built o the Invesco Field grounds, I am convinced it will blow up in his face. Rush has already noted on the air today that the Greeks built their temples as homes of worship to their pagan gods. The audacity of this symbolism will not be lost on the American people.

In addition, I am hearing that Obama will step onto a platform that will elevate him high above the adoring worshipers on the ground. Whether or not he delivers his speech from "on high," he will be cementing his candidacy as the cult of personality it is. This is not a good way to go for anyone seeking election as President of the United States.

Most Americans do not worship their politicians. They don't even think very highly of them. Most of us are looking for someone who shares as many of our views as possible, and has not become too corrupted by the system or too in love with themselves. JFK was the only recent President to run on a cult of personality platform, and his term didn't go very well. Much has happened since then to convince most Americans of how corrupt and arrogant most politicians are.

There have been very few politicians in my lifetime that I still, if ever, have respect for as people. More important, like most Americans, I have no confidence in government, no belief in government as a tool for making my life better. Sure, many of us want our government to address a couple pressing issues. But the idea that some politician is going to make the world a better place by fixing every perceived wrong in the world does not carry any water.

Most Americans want government to leave them alone. Most Americans believe that they themselves hold the keys to their success. Occasionally we find a Reagan-type who comes to be almost universally loved and respected, but that love comes because they work to free us of the odious restrictions past governments have placed on free people. That love comes from a virtuous character and unbending adherence to long-held beliefs.

America will not love this spectacle. This is a slap in the face to Americans who believe that "we the people" run government, and that those that represent us are our servants, not people to be worshiped.

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