Thursday, August 21, 2008

Panic Sets in, Media Clamors for Hillary as Veep

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They know I'm right. And now Obama's media cheerleaders have come to the conclusion that the Messiah needs a savior, and her name is Hillary Clinton.

Anderson Cooper nears this conclusion in his piece yesterday at

Still, this should be a huge wake-up call to Obama and the Democrats. From my perspective, Obama needs to introduce a game changer — and fast — before public opinion starts to gel around the notion that he is a phenom who deserves great respect but is not seasoned enough and would be too much of a risk in the Oval Office.

In part, he needs to change the narrative of the campaign — away from the notion that the biggest single problem facing the country — the “transcendent” threat of our time, as McCain argues — is terrorism... Either Democrats persuade the country why they should now take charge or perhaps they aren’t ready to govern after all.

But it can’t stop there. Obama must also introduce a game changer

through the way he signals who will be in the Oval Office with him. After all, no president governs all by himself; the success or failure of an administration also rests heavily on the team he assembles to work at his side.

If he were to surprise the country — and the press — by naming Hillary Clinton as his running mate, he could turn the race upside down... No one else would so galvanize the Democrats, bring a fighter to his side, and send a clear message that an Obama administration would bring experience to solving problems both at home and abroad. Has anyone looked what happened to jobs and wages under Bush vs. Clinton? The comparison is startling. And remember that a quarter of Hillary’s voters still haven’t “come home” to the Democratic column.

Cooper is, I believe, correct that this would be a game-changer. But does anyone think Obama can swallow his significant pride and ask her to join him? Don't forget, he'd be getting Bill too. I wouldn't put anything past someone as greedy for power as Obama is, but this is highly doubtful in my book.

Meanwhile, Margery Eagan of the Boston Herald comes to the same conclusion:

Hillary’s marauding women may be vindicated yet.

The tide has turned for The Precious, The One, The Eloquent and Elegant and Lithe and Liquid and Cool as a Cucumber - except for those unfortunate stick legs (which explain the sweats on the basketball court).

What happened to Obama’s Midas touch? Was it overkill at Coronation Berlin? The tongue-tied orator this weekend uh-uh-uh-ing before the evangelicals at Saddleback Church, his stumbles replayed all over the Internet? I watched and felt - how could this be? - like I was watching a George Bush press conference, sweating it out and wondering, “Oh no! Doesn’t he know the answer to the question?”

The best part of this is seeing all the buyer's remorse some of his biggest backers are going through.

I can’t say I have Obama remorse. Yet. But I’m nervous. How did he get so annoying? I wish he’d save nuance and sanctimony for senior seminars; give America some straight answers; crack some jokes at his own high-horse expense; convince me he’s up to this and soothe my furrowed, fretful brow.

That’s what McCain’s done lately. It’s working.

When a big-time Obama backer is wondering how the candidate became so annoying, things are going in the right direction.