Sunday, August 24, 2008

U.S. Basketball team wins gold

Well I decided to stay up and watch the U.S. play Spain for the gold metal even though the game didn't start until 2:30am. However I was not disappointed. The U.S. won a hard fought victory over the defending World Champions 118-107. Spain had the lead down to four 108-104 with just over two minutes left. Wade hit a critical three that put the U.S. up seven to finally give me a chance to take a breath.

The U.S. couldn't seem to find their defense which had carried them so far in these Olympics. However they were able to score enough to win and in the end a win is a win. Spain was called for a techicnal four late in the 4th which made the score a bigger margain than it would've been. The U.S. is back on top on the basketball world for the first time since 200o, but it won't be easy to stay there.


  1. I particularly enjoyed Olympic basketball in 2008 because these young multi-millionaires interviewed as such patriots. Despite unbelieving attitudes from those liberal hate America types sent to China by the MSM, Kobe and team remained very, very proud to be representing all of us left cheering hard at home. I love basketball and these youngsters made me very proud. : The Hamilton Post

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