Monday, September 29, 2008

Boehner says without McCain "they'd have run over me like a freight train"

To those who don't believe McCain needed to be in D.C.


  1. Who was the "they" to which he refers?

    The Dems or the Repubs? They (who voted "no"} both threw Boehner and the country under the bus today.

  2. I'm thinking this post probably looked a lot better to you at 1:30 this morning than it does now.

    McCain went to Washington, offered nothing to the bill, and, judging from the roll call, did little to persuade his party of anything. I find it funny he was actively taking full credit for this bill -- and deriding Obama for "sitting on the sidelines" -- earlier this morning, completely unaware that the GOP was going to jump ship that afternoon.

    And aren't you at least a little embarrassed that the Boehner's excuse for being unable to hold his coalition together was that Nancy Pelosi hurt their feelings that morning? Really? The GOP will tank ostensibly important legislation because their feelings get hurt? Hmm... not exactly the fierce warriors they make themselves out to be.

    Of course, we both know that was just total excuse making so Boehner didn't have to admit his own weakness, but still... doesn't make a great sound-byte.

  3. I don't even need to read that post to know what it says. I haven't checked it out and might not get the chance until tomorrow, but from what I understand Pelosi got on the floor and insulted Republicans before the vote causing those which were on the fence to vote against the bill. I think you guys want a recession because it'll help you win the election.

  4. At the end of the day, you have to explain why hurt feelings are adequate cause to vote against this bill. Democrats were on the fence too (this is not fun legislation to pass), but we delivered 60% of our members. You guys couldn't deliver yours. Saying you tanked it because Nancy Pelosi made you mad doesn't seem like a very good argument to make to the American people. They may not like the idea, but I'm betting that after today, they do understand the need to get something passed and soon.

  5. I like this clip. And to bigblue, it is not hurt feelings that stopped the bill inasmuch as it was the bill itself.

    The Dems could've carried this on their own but they couldn't either so lets not start there. Were THEIR feelings hurt too?

    This was a bad bill, a better bill because John McCain helped the house Republicans get a seat at the table. That being said, it is still a bad "better bill". So it was the bill that killed the bill.

    There is a problem but there is also has to be a better free market solution.

    There are other ideas, including but not limited to wiping out the capital gains tax on real estate, that would not have gotten a proper debate should this monstrosity had not been voted down.

    The bill is a better bill, and it will be better yet because of the time taken to look it over and because of the "shock".

    The market crashed as it would, but it rebounded the next day. So the sky has not fallen yet.

    Lets try again and get a better bill. One that better protects Tax Payer's interest.

    New Conservative, thanks for the clip; hope you don't mind if I snag it.

    more on the subject in my most recent post at:

  6. Cutting the capital gains tax on real estate doesn't help when the failing banks are already losing money on real estate. There are no capital gains to tax.

    No, Democrats couldn't pass this on their own. Neither party wants to be left alone holding the bag on this one. But the Democrats delivered 60% of their caucus, which is all they needed to do to get it passed. The Republicans had promised to bring 80-90 votes to the table and failed. So yes, it was absolutely their fault. One side made good on their promise, the other side failed. There's not any gray area here.