Saturday, September 6, 2008

College Football Saturday

I plan to make every Saturday from here on out College football Saturday. I will posting about different games throughout to day. Today as already been very interesting with Ohio State escaping Ohio University 26-14. Ohio State did not put the game away until 5 mins left in the fourth quarter when they ran a punt back for a touchdown. I expect they'll have a better effort next week against USC.
Michigan stuggled against another MAC team Miami-ohio, but they came away with the victory 16-6.

The ACC still looks awful. It took VT until the second half to score a touchdown on Furman, although they did score three in the third quarter. Theat game is now a Final 24-7 VT. Clemson did score in the first quarter and have given up a 100 years to a receiver in the first half It's now 21-7 Clemson in the second. Virginia managed just a field goal against Championship sub divison (1-AA) Richmond in the first. They lead 3-0 in the second. Mississippi is currently leading (20) Wake Forest 14-7 in the 2nd. Clemson gave up 228 years passing in the first half. A citadel receiver has 140 yards receiving. Old Miss leads Wake 14-10 at the half.
That's enough ACC for now. Full disclosure I'm a Clemson fan.
Wake has taken a 27-21 lead on Ole Miss. My tigers finally decided to show up in the second half. They've opened it up against the Citadel. In new news E.Carolina is up 14 on West Virginia in the fourth quarter. I think it may be time to ask what happens if they run the table.
Byu wins after Washington gets Penalized for excessive celebration after a touchdown and misses the extra point. BYU 28-27. I haven't seen the play yet, but I hope it wasn't one of those stupid calls. You know where the guy points to the crowd or pumps his fist and gets a penalty. I hope it was something blatant that the ref just couldn't ignore.
Meanwhile it looks like Virginia is going to score their first touchdown against Richmond, but it's third down inside the Spiders ten. They punched it in Virginia 10 Richmond 0 7:55 in the fourth.
That Wake game gave me a little more faith in the ACC we needed that one badly
Notre Dame just scored to go up 21-13 on San Diego State.
I've heard that the Washington call was one of those ridiculous calls that I was talking about earlier, but I still haven't seen it.
Miami is hanging around with Florida 9-3 gators at the half.
However elsewhere in the ACC Middle Tenn 24 Maryland 14 11:14 left in the game
N.C. State a 34-24 winner over William and Mary.
I just saw the penalty in the BYU-Washington game it was ridiculous. The guy filpped the ball over his shoulder and was called for a 15 yard penalty. The kick ended up being blocked.


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  2. Hey Scott, I've added you to Smart Girl Politics

  3. What about GT upsetting Boston College? GT is in transition implementing the option with their new coach - Paul Johnson.

    Does your clemson bias keep you from covering GT?

  4. I'm not sure there is such a thing as an upset in the ACC right now. That was a good win by GT. Next week I'm going to try a live blog of on football Saturday.