Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I think she killed the bill on purpose!

Check out the video and see if you agree


  1. You know that the Republicans have already stopped using this excuse, right?

    Also, does it make a lot of sense that her going after Bush and the ideology of de-regulation while actually offering the GOP some credit for the bill should piss them off? And if it does, how does tanking the bill their own president and presidential nominee support really help that?

    No, I doubt she killed the bill on purpose. The Democrats brought 140 votes to the table, they were assured by the Republicans that the GOP would bring at least 80-90 voters to the table, but the GOP leadership couldn't keep hold of their own members.

    Some have suggested that the GOP was trying to screw the Democrats at the last moment by first demanding a bunch of concessions, and then, when they get them, largely vote against the measure and have it pass with minimal Republican support. But while the GOP was looking to get a minimum of Republicans on the line for the bill, it seems very likely that they really did want it to pass.

    Heck, the RNC had an ad up this morning, which had been written with the assumption that the bill would pass, and which was blasting the Democrats and Obama for passing it.

    So, there's a good bit of evidence to suggest that they were hoping to pull a fast one, and make this look like a near party line vote, and then use this issue as a bludgeon against the Democrats. They just undershot how many votes they needed to deliver.

    But, frankly, it doesn't matter what the reason was. Whether it was a genuine inability of Boehner to hold his coalition together, whether it was Nancy Pelosi's speech, or whether it was the cynical tactic described above. The GOP looks bad in any one of those scenarios. They're either incompetent, petty, or just plain dishonest. There's really not a way for them to look good in this mess, and the public seems to largely agree as they blame the Republicans by a 2-1 margin for the bill's failure.

  2. What I heard in the first half of the video sounded exactly how congress has operated for years; a "Self-Reflection" if you will. The second half was a watered down version of "How dare you steal my power and authority". Politicians always playing politics. For some it is an election year, so they just want to keep their seat; To Hell with the People. I have to get re-elected. They believe we are stupid, and in most cases we are, because we keep electing the same ineffective twits.

  3. Of course she killed it on purpose! For whatever insane reason, be it mob stupidity or what not, the American public does not do the research to find out the root of the problem and its benefiting their Neo-Marxist Presidential Candidate.

    The root of the problem is that banks were forced to do something that is against their character to do [to make poorly capitalized loans to those who can't pay back]; I'd know, I train bankers.

    The conservatives warned against it:

    If we regulated Fannie and Freddie then it would've stopped this from ever happening.

    But, the past is in the past. We can't do anything about what has already happened other than deal with it.

    The 700Bn bill was a bad deal with this "shocker" now we'll get a better one.

    More on the other alternatives at: http://www.eclecticwill.com/2008/09/bailout-20-true-rescue-plan/


  4. I'm assuming that it was, as this woman is very calculating. This, however, was not leadership. It was a juvenile stunt and as long as the journalists of this country continue to be "cheer leaders", she will continue to get away with this kind of behavior.

  5. Perhaps its all apart of a big plan to keep this in the news as long as possible.

    The more the media talks about this, the better Obama does in the polls.

    Once the bill is approved, the media will be looking for the next story.

  6. Yeah, it was the DEMOCRATS who wanted to kill the bill, that's why 140 VOTED IN ITS FAVOR, and why the Democratic Party very quickly made efforts to take this up in the Senate to get it back on track as quickly as possible, because they too wanted to kill it. It wasn't the Republicans in the House who actually VOTED AGAINST THE BILL. Of course not. That'd just be silly. You know, holding them accountable to their votes? Who'd think to do something like that?