Thursday, September 25, 2008

Iraq Parliment Approves Provincial Elections Law.

Iraq's Parliment as approved the greatly anticipated Provincial Election Laws. These laws will allow Iraqi's to vote on Mayors, City Councils, and other local offices. I'm not sure they'll have those titles, but those are the American equivalents.

U.N. envoy Staffan di Mistura, who has shuttled between the political blocs to pressure them to approve the law, said preparations for the vote would begin immediately. "We need 140 to 150 days from the day we receive it in order to complete all the preparations to hold the elections," Faraj al-Haidari said. Much work, including staff training and the selection of voting centers, must be completed, he said.

"Today is an important day for Iraq and democracy as the parliament found a compromise over the election law," he told The Associates Press. "This will help Iraq and Iraqis to express their opinions by voting for their candidates in the provinces."

The Iraqi's have said that they will not be able to hold elections until at least Jan. 31th. So President Bush will not be in office when these elections take place, but I know he'll be watching and smiling back on his Ranch in Texas.,2933,427124,00.html

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