Saturday, September 27, 2008

McCain wins debate hands down

I was watching the debate and it looked to me like Obama spent most of the debate angry and looking like he was about to blow. I don't think McCain scored a knockout, but he won a decisive decision. I never really thought it was close when I was watching it, but some of the pundits disagreed with me. Of course the answer comes on Monday and Tuesday of next week when the polls that includes all days since the debate come out. Until then it's all speculation. However I think McCain will be leading on Monday. Especially if there is a deal done on Capitol Hill this weekend. No matter who you think won tonight there will be two more and the VP debate. The debate was very entertaining. Let's do it again! On October 2nd there will be a live blog here during the Presidential debate. Put your e-mail in the comments section if you would like to participate. Even if you've already given it to me put it there anyway.


  1. Good Point, McCain wins handily. I can't wait for the spin, already getting a few liberal comments on my site. Cya at the next debate!

    London Locke

  2. It looked to to you like OBAMA was angry and looking like he was about to blow? I think there must be something wrong with your television. Obama was the calm and quite together black guy on the right of your screen.

  3. Why would a deal on Capitol Hill help McCain? By all accounts he nearly destroyed the bill with his visit there on Thursday, sitting quietly in the White House not asking questions, nor offering an opinion on either party's plans. Then, he left Washington to go debate, which he said he wasn't going to do, despite the fact that not only had no deal been reached, but he had actually pushed progress on the bill backward.

    And yeah, I don't think anybody agrees that Obama came across as angry. Most seem to think McCain was the negative one, and his ad released immediately after the debate, attacking Obama for the few occasions when he agreed with him only served to strengthen that impression. Not to mention the ad itself misrepresented those quotes as well, as Obama usually followed the "I agree..." with a "but..."

  4. I look for Palin to have a mental breakdown on Thursday. A person can only take so many blows to their anti-reality bubble and survive.

    Look for her to break out in tongues while invoking Jesus to save her from the MSM witchcraft.