Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Top Ten Reasons Liberals Hate Palin


10. She's the quintessential American, and the one thing liberals hate most about America are Americans.

9. She's sworn that as soon as she gets to Washington, she's going to cut off the Democrats' balls and put them on eBay.

8. She's an anti-choice extremist who has had five babies and never thought of killing any of them.

7. They're physically intimidated by her husband.

6. They're physically intimidated by her.

5. They just know that whenever they're not looking at her, she's pointing and laughing at their penises.

4. She's murdered innocent moose and no one seems to care.

3. Hard working, blue-collar people are supposed to be anecdotes; they're not supposed to run for office.

2. Liberals are much more conscious of how shrill and annoying they are when they're around someone that knows how to use a gun.

And the number one reason liberals hate Palin...

Put your own reasons in the comment line maybe we can come up with our own top ten.

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