Friday, September 5, 2008

Was the RNC successful?

Personally, I loved the RNC. I thought the best night was Wednesday night with Palin and Rudy. That was definatly the red meat night of the convention. Palin and Rudy took Obama apart. Of course the most important night was last night when McCain took the stage. I've seen the speech several times now and I liked it, but I didn't love it. That may be for the best as the speech was aimed at moderate democrats and independents. I'd say it'll be Sunday or Monday until the polls reflect the true impact of this speech. However polls that have come out recently our showing the gap between Mccain and Obama narrowing.

A CBS poll went from having Obama up eight to a tie. Rasmussen Reports has a headline on their from page "McCain's Bounce begins." Gallup is showing a three point bump Obama was up 7 now he is up 4. None of these polls include reaction the McCain's speech last night. I also don't think they have the full effect of Palin's speech Wednesday night taken into account. I expect McCain to have a lead in the polls come Monday.

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