Thursday, September 25, 2008

Were All Tied up Again!

After a few days of McCain being down in the polls a gallup poll has it even again.

It looks like McCain's decision to leave the campaign trail is resounating with America voters. I hope we have the debate on Friday night, because I've been waiting to see McCain crush Obama for a long time. However McCain will do what he feels is best for the country.


  1. Today's gallup poll demonstrates why these polls are entirely worthless. When you take these polls apart and look at their samples you find they are either too small or so heavily democratic that it makes them inaccurate. The fact of the matter is, if Obama isn't ahead by 10 points in these polls that means in reality he is either tied or behind McCain. When its close like this, you can bet McCain is actually ahead. Great blog by the way, you should head over to my blog, tell me what you think and we can link exchange.

  2. If Obama isn't ahead by 10 points then he's behind? What the hell are you talking about?

    Moreover, today's Gallup polls don't tell us anything about how McCain's actions yesterday affected voters. And for what little we may learn, Gallup stated explicitly that they saw no changes following McCain's decision to suspend his campaign, because he apparently can't walk and chew gum at the same time.

  3. Actually Nancy, I'd like you to explain how today's Gallup demonstrates that the polls are worthless. Why is that exactly?

    If anything, the polls are skewed toward McCain because they under-represent young voters and new voters, both of which groups are going heavily toward Obama.

    Hey, if McCain's doing so well, I guess you can just sit home on election day.

  4. Oh, and SUSA found that only 10 percent of the country agreed with McCain's call to suspend the debates.

    You guys are seriously, seriously deluded, which is fine by me, because it's only going to cause you to do that much worse on election day, because you don't understand how badly you're getting beat right now. So yeah, sit back and relax. McCain's got this thing in the bag.