Thursday, October 2, 2008

Debate Reaction

My first Reaction is Sarah Palin at the very least held her own. In a focus group at the end of the debate on Fox News almost everyone said Palin won the debate. The group on Fox said Obama won the debate last time. So there goes your argument about bias liberals.

I think we'll know more about who one after the fact checkers get their spin out tomorrow morning. Until then I'm withholding my opinion except to say that Palin did well and exceeded expectations.


  1. I agree that Palin exceeded expectations, but I'd suggest that was more to do with how low those expectations were than how well she did.

    The first insta-polls are giving the debate to Biden by 2-1 margins.

  2. I think Sarah displayed star quality. Was she as wonky as Biden? No, but she was winning in her delivery. I would also use caution big blue on those poll numbers. Joe Scarborough made an excellent point this morning about how the media has been trashing her and calling her stupid. Respondents in turn do not want to sound stupid saying they supported the "idiot," so they lie to pollsters. I think come election day, what people said and how they actually voted will be a big story.

  3. Fox News is the most biased "News Source" out there!

    CBS and CNN polls had Biden winning, I'll take those over anything Fox yells out.

    Palin's rehearsed retoric and constant index card checking proved she is not ready. She even told the moderator "I won't answer the questions you want me to". Nothing but talking points out of her mouth.

    Serious times call for serious leaders. It's time to put the middle class first.

    Hope not Fear - Obama '08