Saturday, October 25, 2008

Iran Captures suspected U.S. Spies

The Iranians have captured two U.S. Spies in the city of Natnaz near the countries nuclear facility. The spies were captured with metal rings and invisable string attached to them. The suspected spies are describe as black with a stout-body, short necks, short slender bills with a fleshy cere. An Iranian source declined to say what happened to them now that they've been captured, but I'm betting they had them for dinner. Picture below.

Yes they are saying we were using trained spy pigeons to spy on their nuclear activity.


  1. i wonder what it feels like to be so stupid as the iranian leaders must be ... there has got to be a great amount of fear in the newscasters when they read this stuff, otherwise they'd be laughing ...

  2. spying with pigeons is not a new subject.
    During the second world War pigeons were often used to transfer information or receive information.
    Today we have spy Dolphins in the oceans .
    may be a light sophisticated camera can be attached to a pigeon..but at a time when you have spy satelites.who can locate an article as small as a match box...why use pigeons.
    If you are a member of google earth you can see Natanz live and Direct...
    How do you know that Iranians do not already have a few nuclear bomb.stolen from old Russias ..Central Asia stocks...and why is no body afraid of the 200 nuclear war heads already in Israel???
    Ensure enriched uranium supply for reactors,,and leave iran alone for some time you will not regret...Be sure Iranians will not commit suicide.

  3. Don't you just love the stupidity? But, it is like kami said, spying with pigeons is not a new subject.


  4. I know it's not a new subject. However it's not something we would do. We have unmaned aerial vechicles for missions like that.