Friday, October 10, 2008

Maybe their is fire left in this campaign after all.

"WE ARE MAD SO GO GET EM!" That's what a man tells McCain about how he feels about being taken over by socialist, ie the Democratic Party. McCain also takes on ACORN in this clip. "No one should corrupt the most precious right we have, the right to vote." This is a video worth watching.

Hat Tip Patriot Room:


  1. I like the fact that you guys can't grasp the difference between registration fraud, which is very common even excluding ACORN's efforts, and voter fraud, which is exceedingly rare. Remember those US Attorneys Rove fired? They were fired for failing to find prosecutable cases of voter fraud. Do you think they weren't looking for it?

    You guys make these exact same claims every election and then there's never any evidence to support any systematic voter fraud after the election is over.

    Also, if someone did want to rig an election, which would be easier, paying thousands of people to go vote under false identities in some massive state-wide or nationwide conspiracy -- keep in mind those poorly paid people would be risking jail time if caught -- or simply having one individual with access to the voting machines screw with the numbers?

    And if you were generally concerned about the integrity of the voting system, you'd be giving just as much time to the stories of massive voter purges being conducted illegally in states across the nation. Unlike registration fraud, which requires a second, far more complicated step to make it a genuine threat to voting integrity, dumping people off the rolls really does prevent those people from voting. No massive conspiracy or second step needed.

  2. Oh, and for the record, ACORN is required by law -- REQUIRED BY LAW -- to turn in all voter registration forms they collect, even if they have reason to suspect those forms are fraudulent.

    Also, ACORN flags all the registration cards they submit and put them into three categories: verified, incomplete, and problematic. In other words, it's ACORN itself that draws attention to the very cards that are now being used to smear the organization. But why bother to actually research any of this when you can just repeat misleading claims...

  3. Isn't it amazing that big blue comments are longer than my post.

  4. Yes. And becoming more and more irrelavant.

  5. New Conservatives,

    "Isn't it amazing that big blue comments are longer than my post."

    Well, your posts are rather short, which necessarily means they lack much in the way of facts. Big Blue seems to just be filling in the background.

  6. Lengthy, yes, but at least Big Blue didn't make a glaring typo in his post. "Their" is fire? Maybe I am just a liberal elitist.

  7. My Electoral Prediction Map - Mccain 265
    After reviewing the primaries, i came to a conclusion that McCain was always doing a Little better then the polls predicted, and his wins and losses were all above the margin of error.

    in NH he won with a 25% margin over Romney, when the polls showed a tight race with a slight McCain lead of 3 points.

    in SC he won with 7 % more then the polls predicted.

    in FL he won over Romney 36-31 when the polls showed a tie of 30%.

    in MICHIGAN he lost to Romney 38-29 . when the polls showed him getting 26 %

    That makes McCain's results between 3 to 12 points more then the polls predict.

    So if u take this in consideration my results show McCain with 167 strong electoral votes, 98 leaning predicted electoral votes of NC,IN,MO,CO,NV,FL,OH.


    so it comes all down to NM (5) or Virginia (13)