Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Day has a Republican Poll Watcher

I was planning on sleeping in on Election Day after having finished my work has a Campaign Manager on Nov 3rd. I had asked about poll watchers, but was told not to worry about it. Turns out I should've worried about it. At 9:30am my candidate gives me a call (I was still sleeping) and tells me to go to a polling place because there are reports they're not checking I.D.'s. So I get up shave, wet my hair down, throw some clothes on, and run out the door.

When I get there I find out that it's an erroneous report. However while I'm there the Democratic Party stops by to accuse me of voter intimidation tactics. At this point I had not even challenged a single vote. As a matter of fact I only challenged one vote all day, and it turned out I was wrong on that count. The elections were very well run where I was. I watched the poll workers for awhile then the polling place starts to get very slow so I decide to go vote. When I get to the place the line is out the door. I waited an hour and a half to vote for John McCain. However I should've known we were in trouble then because there were a ton of young people in line.

After I go vote my boss gives me a call and tells me his challenger is standing outside a polling place asking people to vote for him so he wants me to go there and tell people to vote for him. We can only stand there if no one makes a complaint. I always thought it was completely against the law apparently it's not until someone complains about it. While we were there someone complained and the poll worker asked us to leave. So the candidate, a democrat obviously, starts screaming about how I had one of my people go in there and make the complaint. For the record I have no people I'm the only staffer on the whole campaign. At this point were both supposed to leave, but he refuses to leave. I call my boss and my boss tells me if he's not leaving your not leaving. So I get out of my car and go tell the guy the law is he must leave. Still refuses so I grab a police officer and try to get him to ask him to leave. The officer basically said he wasn't getting involved. Now the nut job, trust me he was a nut job, starts calling his lawyer and trying to file formal complaints against me. So of course I start calling all the people I know and asking them to get someone down there. Eventually my boss got there and after talking with his opponent for a while just asked me to go to another polling place. Once I finally got in touch with someone from the Republican Party I found out there was actually nothing that guy could do.

Well I went to another polling place after that and waited for them to print out the results and called them in to the Republican Party and my candidate. Then I went home to watch what can now be fairly called our complete annihilation on the NEWS. After that was over I went to Waffle House for some comfort food and because I wanted to stay up and find out what happened in my race. At around 2am I get a phone call, WE WON! All my work paid off. Turns out it wasn't even close. Apparently a lot of people must have known our opponent was crazy. Too bad not enough realized that about Obama.

2010 Conservatism Strikes Back!

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