Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Obama to make McCain Sec of Defense.

From Bill Dupray at http://patriotroom.com/

UPDATE: Actually, a correction. Under Arizona law, if McCain were to vacate his Senate seat, the Governor would have to appoint a replacement from the same party. The replacement would serve out the remaining two years of McCain’s term.

Thanks to Freeper Conservative From Georgia for the heads-up.


Not sure what to make of this, but No Quarter has a source in Chicago that says that Obama and McCain will meet tomorrow to discuss the Secretary of Defense job.

A source in Chicago informed me earlier today that John McCain will be meeting with Obama and his handlers tomorrow in Chicago in order to discuss the possibility of a Secretary of Defense appointment. That McCain will be in Chicago tomorrow is corroborated by an article London Times published one hour ago. The Times, however, claims McCain will most probably not be appointed to a Cabinet position. But he will be consulted on topics on which he and Obama have “common ground.” This certainly does not preclude the possibility of an appointment of McCain to Secretary of Defense.

Our source maintains that McCain will visit Chicago tomorrow in order to discuss the Secretary of Defense appointment.

This would be the right move for the sake of the country. It would be a clever political move by Obie because it would allow the Democrat Governor of Arizona, Janet Napolitano, to choose a Democrat replacement for McCain’s Senate seat.

The real fun will be watching the The Great Moonbat Mutiny of 2008 when they realize that the architect of the evil surge will be in charge of ending the war, no doubt on McCain’s, not Obama’s timetable. It gives Obama cover if the draw-down goes badly, as he can blame McCain and retake the controls at any point.

I seriously doubt this would happen. If Obama were to name McCain Sec of Defense he would basically be telling all those people who voted for him, haha fooled you suckers. Not that anyone who really paid attention would be surprised that Obama was going back on a campaign promise he made. However most of the people that voted for him weren't paying attention.

I think it would be a good move for the country if McCain was named Secretary of Defense. It would also show Obama wants to be a centrist and unite the country. McCain wouldn't have to worry about a Democrat taking over his seat because a person from the same party has to be named to fill the seat according to Arizona law.

Of course this works for Obama too if something goes wrong he has a scapegoat to point the finger at. If this story is true and Obama offers McCain the job McCain needs to decide if he is willing to be thrown under the bus. Obama will throw McCain under the bus if something goes wrong. Believe it or not there's still more room under that bus.