Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Palin appears finished

The McCain campaign is telling stories about Palin on the campaign trial that will end any chance she ever had at becoming President. It appears Palin is done with National Politics in the immediate future. Although I could still see her as a Senator or House Member from Alaska given her overwhelming popularity there. In eight or twelve years she may be back but 2012 no chance.

Hat Tip: Conservatism Today


  1. FOX and Cameron have lost credibility--they are the entities that are finished...
    PALIN will be back!

  2. Sounds like a whole lot of CMA going on. While Palin was definitely green is some aspects, she was far more experienced tha BHO. Watching the campaign over the last 2 months has sometimes been painful, because it was rather obvious to anyone who had followed the Governor, that whoever was tasked to manage her, was doing a poor job. If she had "gone rouge" earlier, and had performed the way she did the last 2 weeks, McCain might have pulled it out. Sarah is in no way to blame for any loss. She probably, as badly as she was handled, still kept McCain from losing by another 6-10 points