Friday, November 7, 2008

Who should take over has RNC chairman?

It obvious were going to need new leadership at the top of the Republican Party. The question is who? Let's take a look at some possibilities.

Newt Gingrich: The man who led the Republican Revolution in 1994 and became the first Republican speaker of the house in forty years comes back to lead another one has RNC chairman in 2010. Sounds good to me.

Mike Huckabee: If he doesn't want to run for President again this would be a great spot for him. He's "sunny side up" conservatism could help put a new face on a party that badly needs it.

Michael Steele: What better to show Americans that we are the party of opportunity for all than by making Steele the RNC Chair. He's obviously qualified. He's already chairman of GOPAC.

Chip Saltsman: Former Huckabee campaign manager also headed the Tennessee GOP before he took on that job. He came within a eyelash (three percentage points in SC to be exact) of pulling the most stunning upset in political history. Or at least since Truman beat Dewey.

Katon Dawson: The high profile chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party, organized a meeting in Myrtle Beach later this month designed to bring together Republican leaders to discuss the future of the party. Strength: Dawson is extremely aggressive, well liked by conservatives and a regular presence on national cable programs already."

Dawson's biggest downfall is he's not a nationally known figure which I think the RNC is going to need if they expect to strike back in 2010.

Go here to read more about the RNC Chairmanship fight.


  1. You left out Sarah Palin. As an outsider, she'd have a bit of a learning curve, but she energized the base, she attracted money like no one else, she has no allegiance to old farts who don't get it, and she can speak for the party. So what if the media hate her? Rub their noses in her.

  2. Palin is running again in 2012. There is no way she's going to be the Chairman of the RNC

  3. NewCon - sure, I'll put you up on my blogroll and I'd be honored to be on yours.

  4. Karl Rove say what you want to about the man, he wins. That would be a great pick.

  5. Drudge is reporting today that Newt is interested.