Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Selling the Senate Seat Not Even the Worst Thing Blagojevich did.

Everyone in the country knows this moron tried to sell Obama's Senate seat so I won't go into detail about that. However did you know that's probably not the worst thing he's done. It appears these "pay to play" schemes have been going on since the Governor took office.

He tried to force the owners of the Chicago tribune to fire it's editorial board by threatening to withhold $100 million in state funds for the sale of Wrigely Field. My personal favorite is when he threatened to withhold eight million dollars in funding for a children's hospital if he did not get a donation from their executives. The hospital released a statement saying, "Children's Memorial is very disappointed that the $8 million in Illinois funding that the pediatric providers of Illinois believed would enable them to care for Illinois' neediest children has been tied to an alleged pay-to-play scheme," the statement reads. "Neither Children's Memorial nor any of its personnel participated in such a scheme. If such allegations are true, Children's Memorial, pediatric physicians and the children of Illinois have been victimized."

This guy is a first class jerk. He tried to extort money from a Children's Hospital! How low can you go? I hope they put him in with the general populations he's just a thug in a suit.

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