Monday, January 12, 2009

Obama Trying to Make Everyone Happy.

Trying to make everyone love you is the best way to be sure that no one does. This is a lesson I learned a long time ago and yet one our President elect still needs to learn. I just saw this article on saying that Obama has asked the first openly gay bishop to say a prayer during one of the inaugration events. He's also asked Rick Warren who supported the gay marriage ban in California to give the invocation. What's more likely the people that support Warren will be happy and the people Robinson will be happy, or that no one will be happy. I'd say the latter is more likely. On the one hand you have an openly gay bishop, something many Christians believe is a contradiction in terms, leading a prayer. On the other hand you have an anti-gay pastor (their words not mine) giving the invocation.

Let's see can I find other examples of Obama trying to make everyone happy in the past? Yes I can. In fact we can start with his kindergarten teacher who said "Obama is always trying to make everybody happy." So basically this is a lifelong problem he's had.

Obama also tried to make everyone happy during the campaign by saying he was for gun bans then praising the Supreme Court ruling that struck down the D.C. gun ban. Here's the video.

Another example Obama voted for the 2005 Energy bill, but spent the campaign railing against it. The bill passed the senate with a 74-26 vote. However when it came time to campaign Obama railed against the now unpopular Bush-Cheney Energy Bill. So when it was popular Obama was for it, but when it was unpopular Obama rails against the bill.

Remember when Obama promised to filibuster the Telecom commuications bill during the primaries. "To be clear: Barack will support a filibuster of any bill that includes retroactive immunity for telecommunications companies." However when the bill came to a vote after he had won the nomination he did nothing. He actually voted for the bill.

So let me get this straight Obama your plan is to make everyone in the country hate you? I know that's not the plan, but that will be the end result if Barack Obama keeps trying to make everyone happy. Of course he will keep trying this tact because this is what liberals do. They try to make everyone happy. Elect me and I'll give you everything for free. However what most of us know is everything comes with a price. Sometimes you pay for it then and other times you pay for it later. The question isn't if Obama's presidency will cost this country something it's when will we have to pay and how much?


  1. Perhaps Obama is not trying to make everyone happy (or angry) per se, but this is his attempt at fostering inclusiveness among us.

    MLK did the same thing and yeah, there was a lot of boos and hisses at the beginning. People were scared. A dream of integration? How can it be? What? Skin color doesn't make a difference? Black children can drink from the same fountain as white children? What an unusual concept! What is this world coming to?

    Once the rampant fear and bullshit subsided and people (whites) came to their senses, the world became (and is still becoming) a better place for everyone. We've got a long way to go.

    That's what's really going on here. Either we can have an opportunity to reflect on Obama's inclusive choice of speakers and think, "wait a minute--just as skin color doesn't matter, maybe sexual preference doesn't either!" or we can continue to point fingers at and blame Obama for what we as scared individuals label as talking out of both sides of his mouth.

    Everyone is so quick to judge Obama. Maybe we've got farther to go than we realize.

  2. Or maybe Obama just thinks we're all idiots. Lady Vengeance how come everytime someone points out that Obama is a hypocrit or a liar that person gets labled as a racist. Unless it's an Afrcian-American then he/she gets labled as an Uncle Tom. Are we not allowed to speak ill of the messiah? Do I believe racism exist of course I do. However just because I don't support Obama does not make me a racist.
    P.S. Obama is not MLK.

  3. TNC, who's calling you a racist? Read my comments again, because I sure didn't.

    I don't think people are racist when they point out something about Obama that they perceive as hypocritical. Rather, I see them as as closed minded and stuck in their own way of thinking, unwilling or unable to recognize or possibly incorporate new ideas into their tiny little worlds, that's all.
    Nothing racist about it.

    Criticizing, speaking ill of and labeling others doesn't help unite people, it only creates divisiveness. But I suppose that's the great thing about our country...anyone can say anything they want about whoever they want.

    P.S. I say Obama was MLK. Neither am I, and neither are you. I was simply drawing a comparison that illustrated my point about closed mindedness and how it pervades generations.

    Keep up the good work. Your blog is great in that it really makes me think.