Monday, January 26, 2009

Pelosi: Close GITMO but don't put those terrorist in my district.

When I heard that Rep Bill Young suggested that we should reopen the Rock and put the GITMO detainees there I thought it sounded like a great idea. I mean if were going to close GITMO lets and bring those detainees to America (an idea I think is idiotic) AT LEAST we should put them in the most secure facility possible. Alcatraz seems like it would be the place. Even if they escape they would still have to get through shark infested waters. So why not The Rock? Well It turns out The Rock is located in Speaker Pelosi's district. So? Doesn't Pelosi want them bought to America? She should be willing to put them in her district, right? Why that might make sense to the rest of was Pelosi says NO! When asked if the idea was a serious one Pelosi said, "It is -- no." She has the NIMBY syndrome. NIMBY stands for not in my backyard. Amazingly while she is in favor of bringing terrorist here and giving them rights. She is against terrorist being anywhere near San Francisco. (I guess she wants them in the South where all the uneducated, gun toting, bible clinging, conservatives live.) Pelosi what's the deal? I thought these guys were all wrongly imprisoned and were just turned in for ransom, at least that's what you've been telling the country for the last three years.

Despite the fact that Pelosi has no idea where we could put these terrorist, she still said, "What the president put forth was very wise. He said he's going to close Guantanamo, take the time to do it. You can't just go down there today and say, 'Everybody out,' and lock the door. They're going to review the cases, narrow it down and then go from there. ... It's brilliant," she said on ABC's "This Week."

Brilliant, Closing GITMO and having nowhere to send the detainees is brilliant. You can't really believe that. I know your trying to suck up to the new President, but you really believe this is brilliant. Maybe it's time for someone to give you a reality check and since we all know the press won't do it allow me Speaker Pelosi.

Closing GITMO and bringing the terrorist to America (while keeping them far away from your district) puts this country in danger. For example the terrorist will now have lawyers. What happens when some "lawyer" turns out to be relaying messages for Al Qaeda." It happens with the Mafia why wouldn't it be the same with terrorist. Two, what if we know their guilty, but can't prosecute them because we can't reveal how we got the information without revealing national security secrets? In that case the terrorist would walk right out the door of an American courtroom a free man. This could happened with several detainees. Not to mention what if one of those liberal Judges you love so much overturns a rightful conviction on appeal. The Supreme Court probably won't review every case some nutball liberal overturns by making up new constitutional rights.

Just incase you thought there couldn't possibly be anyone else who thought like Pelosi let me introduce you to our Vice President. Joe Biden said of GITMO, "There's no question it has to be closed. And we don't think it's inconsistent to deal with our national security and our Constitution. ... That's why we have the White House counsel -- Mr. Craig is now going through this meticulously, deciding what we're going to do with each and every prisoner,"

Biden also tries to ensure Americans by telling them even if some are released they won't stay here. "They have no legal status to stay here, I don't anticipate that happening. What I anticipate happening is that those people who are in a situation where it is either the evidence is in question or it's going to be hard to make a case, we will most likely be rendering them back to their countries of origin or another country,"

Alright lets take the Vice President at his word. So the terrorist will be handed over to countries like Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, Syria, along with many others that would allow them to go right back to killing Americans on the Battlefield in Iraq and Afghanistan. We already know many GITMO detainees that have been released have been recaptured on the battlefield. One recently popped up as an Al-Qaeda commander in Yemen. He had been released to Saudi Arabia for rehabilitation.

If I were a solider I'd have a hard time not feeling like my country was betraying me. We're going to end up releasing terrorist that U.S. soldiers died capturing.
The people that say they want to close GITMO don't want the terrorist anywhere near their cities, and what's the Speaker of the U.S. House say about all this. "It's Brilliant."


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