Sunday, February 1, 2009

Michael Steele's Blueprint for Tomorrow.

Michael Steele is the GOP's new Chairman. He was my first choice with Katon Dawson being my second choice. The truth is those were really the only two picks tha would've made any sense at all in my opinion. Steele defeated Dawson head to head on the final ballot. I have enjoyed watching Steele on various news programs. I think he has the determination and the ideas to lead us out of the wilderness and back to the promise land. This is his platform.

Blueprint Chapter1


  1. I'm working out of a government site. Wonder why it blocks your link to Chapter 1 (above)? It has told me that its due to adult and porno content, sir. What do you say to that? Why not post it? I see no reason why not, considering all the other things you post.

  2. I guess your using a liberal computer Andrew. All that link goes to is exactly what I already have posted here. Don't worry you can read it right here at The New Conservatives. Just put the pointer over the little down arrow at the top and click the + button to enlarge the font.

  3. Remember a couple of weeks ago when I said that Michael Steele seemed incompetent, and had no clear idea of what he was doing other than changing the language the GOP uses?

    You berated me for not knowing what I was talking about and getting all of my information from those "liberal blogs."

    Now, which of us is looking like they had the right idea?