Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Obama Thinks We're Retarded.

Obama is trying to say he's saving money by not spending money on the War in Iraq. While at first blush this seems to be true when you take a look at the amount and the length of time he projects the war would've lasted had he not stepped in it's obvious either he's retarded or he thinks the American people are.

Obama's budget presumes that we would spend over $100 billion ever year until 2019.
Of course we know that every troop will be out of Iraq by December 31th 2011 due to an agreement signed by former President Bush. John Boehner said "This budget is a lesson in fuzzy math,"

The high for spending in the Iraq war was $188 billion a year, but Obama's budget has the U.S. still spending 183.5 billion in 2019. Either Obama is planning on starting a third Iraq war, or he's not being honest. Of course their is still the option he's retarded.

"It's like a family trying to claim savings of $10,000 by assuming a family vacation and not taking it," said Brian Riedl, a senior federal budget analyst with the conservative Heritage Foundation. "Riedl said the estimate is unrealistic and allows Obama to claim massive cuts to spending that was never going to take place anyway." Obama is using these stats to say that he is heading off a $9 trillion deficit 10 years from now. Yep he thinks we're retarded.

Obama making up fake deficits and then erasing them is not change, wait yes it is, it's change for the worse. I guess since no one bothered to ask what you meant by change your still keeping your promises. It's going to be a long, long four years. I hope everyone has started hording their non-perishables.


  1. Obama wouldn't know how to balance a budget for a country because he hasn't had any experience. Thus, again we ask ourselves, "Why did we elect this guy again?"

  2. Yeah, but George W. Bush did such a fine job balancing the budget. Oh wait, that's right, he took surpluses, turned them into deficits and added more to the national debt than every other president combined.

    It'll be a long time before the GOP can talk to the Democrats about fiscal responsibility. At least Obama is actually seeking sources for new revenue (with his whopping 3% increase on the highest earners), and not depending on voodoo economics to magically create new income for the federal government.