Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Revolution Has Started

Last night we saw a glimpse of what could happen in 2010 if Republicans stick to their guns and continue fighting run away spending and irresponsible government that is coming out of the Obama Admission. With Republicans winning the top three spots in Virginia for the first time since 1997, and with Chris Christie upset victory in New Jersey it became a big night for the Republican Party. On the downside upstart Doug Hoffman was defeated in the NY 23rd, but I expect him to run again as a Republican and win that seat a year from now.
Regardless of the results from last night we simply cannot become complacent. We must continue to call out our own party when they are in the wrong. We must demand accountability from all Republicans. I expect RINO's will see several primary challenges in 2010 and 2012. If conservatives are to take back this country it will be one election at a time. Last night was a good start, but that is all it was a start.


  1. Very well put Daniel. My fear is that the Conservatives will fall asleep again and let things go on the way they had been. I really don't think there is much fear of that happening right now, but it is possible. But, the revolution has started, and this one started with more decisive victories than the Republicans got in the election that started the revolution that put Reagan into office. Of course, the Democrats are downplaying this to the hilt. Good to see you posting again. Missed your wisdom and wit.