Saturday, May 24, 2008

Obama's blunder

I think we can expect Obama to say alot of stupid things in this campaign, but maybe none dumber than the comment he made yesterday. Barack Obama had the gaul to suggest that John McCain did not care about U.S. troops because he does not support the new G.I. Bill which McCain feels would discourage reenlistment and cut retention rates. Obama also critized McCain for not showing up for the vote, despite the fact it passed 75-22. I don't see how given those numbers McCain's presence was necessary. McCain's response says it all, "I will not accept from Senator Obama, who did not feel it was his responsibility to serve our country in uniform, any lectures on my regard for those who did,” Not only did McCain serve but he was beaten within a inch of his life at the Hanoi Hilton.

Apparently the Democrats think attacking McCain's patriotism is a good tactic for them. In a early release of their weekly radio address the Democrats continued the attack on John McCain's Patriotism for not showing up for that vote. “Sadly, President Bush has threatened to veto the (GI) bill. Senator John McCain, who hopes to take his place, not only opposed it, but when given the opportunity to support his fellow veterans on the eve of Memorial Day weekend, didn’t even show up to vote nor express his concerns,” Boccieri says. " … vetoing this measure will send a clear message that politics has defeated patriotism.” So the Democrats are accusing McCain of putting politics before his country. Time for a history lesson. Not to long ago Harry Reid said that the Iraq war had been lost. That was after Sen. John Kerry declared we were "terrorizing women and children in the dead of night," and John Murtha had convicted our soliders of Murder without a trail in the Haditha incident, just for the record the soliders were acquitted of those charges. These are the people atacking Sen. McCain's parriotism?

Now that the Iraq war was turned around and the violence is down 70% and the Iraq Legislature has begun to pass reconciliation laws, do the democrats still believe the war is lost? Actually they probably would say they do it's easier for them to pretend things are still going badly and hope people don't notice any different than to admit that their plans to pull out of Iraq were Premature. If the freshman Senator wants to talk millitary and foreign policy with a former P.O.W., In the words of President George W. Bush, "Bring it on!"


  1. And sadly sir that's whats so appaling about Senator Obama, he has no military exiperience, has never been any where near any thing concerning or dealing with warfare, would like to negioate with terrorists without any pre-conditions, but has the galls to critize Sen McCain, who has been through hell and back, about his patriotism is not only disgraceful but shows the overall lacking of competence and the increasing sense of stupidty creeping within the democratic party

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  3. Obama’s words speak louder than his actions, and since these little“misspeaks” occur with the utmost regularity, the only conclusion i can come to is that he is “purposefully” perpetrating ignorance and incompetence as a means of distraction re: his words vs his actions..
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