Thursday, May 29, 2008

Obama's dangerous mentality

Barack Obama made one of a series of mistakes when the freshman Senator said that his uncle liberated Auschwitz in an obvious attempt to rally Jewish support while at the same time trying to use his mental illness after the war to draw a parallel to say they we are not taking care of our troops when their coming home. While one can debate wheater of not we provide enough services to our troops upon their homecoming the problem with Obama statements is that one he doesn't have an uncle and two no American forces never went to Auschwitz. Auschwitz was taken by Soviet forces and went behind the iron current, therefore Obama's uncle, even if he existed, could not have been there. Of course it would've taken all of two minutes of research for Obama to have or anyone on his staff to have this information, so why didn't they?

This is the mentality of not only Obama himself, but of his whole campaign. They didn't look for the information because they were sure they were right, no need to do any burdersome fact checks or some annoying research. This is why the Freshman Senator claims that Iran, Venezula, and Cuba are not threats to this country, and that the President should meet with the Leaders of these countries. Nevermind that Venezula is trying to build a coliation against us in Latin America, that Cuba is a communist dictatorship ninty miles of our coast or that Iran is buliding a nuclear weapons program, to Obama none of these countries aren't serious threats. He believes he can talk to the leaders and they will see the error of their ways. One wonders if he would even do the type of back channel negotiations that are necessary for this kind of meeting. Obama's mentality is dangerous. If this man is given the power of the Presidency it would lead to disasterous consequences for America. With his mindset it is no wonder Fidel Castro calls him, "the most progressive candidate to the U.S. Presidency."

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