Thursday, June 26, 2008

McCain 45 Obama 45 according to Gallup.

According to a recent Gallup tracking poll McCain has pulled even with Obama, 45-45.

According to most polls Obama is still up by four to six points. Even if you believe that Obama is six points up he should be up by alot more. Obama is running against a Republican Party that is badly damaged. To put this in perspective in 1976 Carter had a 33 point lead on Ford coming out of the conventions. Ford had commited the sin of pardoning Nixon, which history now views as the right thing to do. However on election day Carter squeaked out a two point victory. What happened? Ford hammered Carter for being an inexperienced liberal who would raise taxes and was soft on crime and defense. Sound Familiar? He turned what looked to be a landslide into a election that wasn't called until 3:30am. Obama doesn't have the huge lead Carter did and I feel that come election day McCain will win big.

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