Wednesday, June 25, 2008

U.S. Troops to Rebuild Sadr City.

As promised here is my first good news from Iraq post. Task Force Gold and millitary partner Task Force 1-6 have given themselves one month to rebuild. It's critical," said Task Force 1-6 Cmdr. Lt. Col. Brian Eifler. "That's why we have a 30-day window to get in, control it and just turbo-charge the area with money, with jobs, with reconstruction ... and make them feel secure." The U.S. is trying to win over the Iraqi civilians to turn to area against terrorism.
"So far, there have been 86 contracts for improvements, including sewage repairs, road pavement, parks, swimming pools, school and municipal building renovations, streetlights and a Shiite version of the "concerned local citizens' patrols" — called the Neighborhood Guard in Baghdad."

There are questions about if the money is being used in the right way by some Iraqi citizens, "We need apartments more than anything else," Sadr City District Councilor Hassan Shama told FOX News. "Do you know that in some parts of the city, we have more than 30 family members living in an area of 1000 square feet?" Also there is still corruption in the government in Iraq, "There is corruption in every country, but there is more in Iraq," said one contractor from the Jamila Market area. U.S. troops have had to kick contractors off the base for trying to bribe soliders that handle those contracts.

The Iraqi government has earmarked $100 million for this project while America has donated $14 million so far. This project only deals with a quarter of Sadr City, but at least it's a start.

To read the entire story go here:,2933,371764,00.html

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