Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Obama sounds great, says nothing.

After Listening to and then reading the transcript of Barack Obama's speech I realized something. Listening to Obama you feel inspired, he's a great speaker there's no doubt about that, but then you ask yourself what did he say? Barack Obama talks about all the problems in America and that he's going to fix them when he becomes President, but he always skips how he's going to fix them. Here's an example "We owe our children a better future. We owe our country a better future. And for all those who dream of that future tonight, I say: Let us begin the work together. Let us unite in common effort to chart a new course for America." Sounds great Senator Obama, but I have a few questions. What's the common effort? Where are we going? How are we going to get there? Obama never answers these questions in his speeches because the answers are scarier than the questions.

He also says "I honor, we honor the service of John McCain, and I respect his many accomplishments, even if he chooses to deny mine." Ok what are your accomplishments Senator Obama? I know you gave a great speech at the 2004 Democratic convention and got yourself elected Senator, but what else have you done? After that he said, "We must once again have the courage and the conviction to lead the free world. That is the legacy of Roosevelt and Truman and Kennedy. That’s what the American people demand. That’s what change is." Let me get this straight you plan on leading the free world by running from the central battle in the War on Terror, and talking directly to dictators that threaten the U.S. at every turn. I could pull quote after quote from his speech and tear them apart all night long. This is what Obama does he gives a speech that sounds great and everyone goes those are great ideas. The problem for the Freshman Senator will come when people start disecting his speeches and realize, his solutions are scarier than any problem we face now.

Here is the transcript

Here is the video

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