Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Seven arrested for cheering at Graduation.

Yes you read the headline right. Seven people were arrested after during a high school graduation cermony after cheering for a graduate. Fort Mill High School had sent letters home with students that said they could be prosecuted for "bad behavior." "I just thought they were going to escort me out," Jonathan Orr told The Herald of Rock Hill. "I had no idea they were going to put handcuffs on me and take me to jail." Orr spent two hours in jail for his crime of screaming when his cousin's name was called. Orr was not the only person to be unaware that cheering would be treated has a criminal offense. William Massey, 19, was also arrested he plans to fight the charge. He said he simply "clapped and gave a little whoop" when his fiancee's name was called. The principle of Fort Mill said the reason for the rule was so that all the names called could be heard.

Here's an idea, why not just slow down the cermony a little bit and wait for the cheering to stop before annoucing the next name? If the cermony last twenty minutes longer is anyone really going to care? It's a once in a lifetime event. Call the name, wait for the applause to stop, and call the next name. My sister just graduated high school on June 6th and people were screaming including my mom, and no one cared. Everyone was excited to see their son, daughter, sister, brother, or cousin graduate. I just hope the police aren't looking for me or my mom.

This event is on top of last year's debacle where five students were denied diplomas in Galesburg, Illinois. This was in response to people from the crowd cheering for them. It could have been someone doing it out of spite. However they withheld the diplomas until the students finished eight hours of community service.

It appears this nightmare policy will continue at the Fort Mill High School graduation. Fort Mill Principle Dee Christopher said, "We think it's important for every graduate's name to be heard and for every person in the arena to be able to see that student cross the stage. ... That's why we have disruptive guests removed," Maybe we should just have the graduation cermonies in abandoned warehoures with no audience. According to Orr it would be just has exciting, "For some people, it might be the only member of their family to graduate high school, and it was like a funeral in there."

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  1. If I was a student there, I would boycott the graduation. You do not need to go to it to get your diploma.
    I think it is a crock. Just the principal throwing his weight around. Where is the school board on this?