Saturday, August 9, 2008

Georgia to pull all troops out of Iraq to fight Russia.

No, no not the state here in America. There's a country called Georgia. Or at least there is until Russia decides their going to take it over. Georgia is now in what is envolving into an all out war with Russia, a war Georgia cannot possibilty win. Nato and the U.S. are calling for cease-fires but Russia has started aerial bombing on Ossetia, a disputed terrority between Russia and Georgia. The calayslt to this was Georgia taking Russian checkpoints by force and alledegly killing Russian soliders. "Russian military commanders said 15 peacekeepers have been killed and about 150 wounded. Russian troops went in as peacekeepers but Georgia alleges they now back the separatists." Whatever happened Georgia has now called all of it's 2000 troops back from Iraq. However these troops were scheduled to leave at the end of this year. With the war in Iraq winding down I don't see this making a impact on security in the country.

Just a note Georgia applied for membership in NATO and was turned down. If they had been accepted into NATO we would be at war with Russia today. "An attack on one country in NATO is an attack on all countries in NATO." Either that or Russia wouldn't have attacked at all, but that's difficult to believe given the circumstances.

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