Saturday, August 9, 2008

Is Edwards the father?

I wanted to avoid writing anymore about this topic, but some things you just can't ignore. Edwards is now being asked to take the paternity test by members of Rielle Hunter's family. Edwards had already said that he was willing to take the test to prove he wasn't the father. It looks like the Hunter's want him to make good on that promise. If Edwards is the father it's a major story. If he's not this is the last you'll ever hear of it from me. Except for a short post stating he's not the father. Please don't be the father John their are so many other issues I want to spend my time on.


  1. I understand why the media would find it a major story if Edwards were the father, but I don't really understand why you would.

    He's not running for anything, he hasn't been electing to anything, he represents no one, and he has no responsibilities to the American people. Beyond the tabloid sensationalism of it, why should we be talking about this?

  2. Big Blue,
    In a perfect world your correct, but if he is the father that means he's been paying hush money to this women. She was making six figures making videos for his campaign. She's also been staying in expensive hotels and such. However if he's not the father then none of this matters. Plus in the end you have to give the people what they want. I've put a poll up and I bet people are going to tell me to cover the story. Hopefully there's no story to cover.

  3. But that doesn't really answer my question, though. I get why it's a scandal. I get why if he's the father it'd be a bigger scandal, but I don't get why it's news.

    Also, the mother has already said there is not going to be a paternity test, so that's pretty well the end of the story.

    To me, the only story here is that John Edwards put his party at great risk by running for president with this over his head, but given that he didn't get the nomination, even that isn't much of a story except to Democratic partisans (such as myself).