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Live blog on Saddleback Church

I just decided to do this at the very last second. I hope everyone likes it. Next time I'll make sure I announce it ahead of time, probably will be for the first debate between McCain and Obama. I also didn't post it until after the event was completely over. I may have missed a question on McCain so I apologize for that.

Rick asked Obama who are the three people you would listen to in an admission.
Obama has said his wife and his grandmother. then named people on both ends of the political spectrum.

Obama has said growing up he had to learn it's not about me. Also admitted to using drugs as a youth.

Talks about the bible quote "whatever you do for the lease of these you do unto me." Mentions Poverty, racism.

Says campaign finance reform was a issue he went against his party on and Opposing the War in Iraq was an issue that was against his political interest.

What is the most significant issue you've filp-flopped on in the last ten years.
Says he thought welform reform would have disasterous results, but it worked better than people anticipated. Work has to be apart of the solution.

Opposing the war in Iraq is the most difficult position he ever made.
"All questions surrounding the war have been very difficult for me."

First break

Obama dodged the question of who he would listen to in his administration. He even mentioned his wife after Rick Warren had said not your wife. Also Campaign Finance reform was an issue most democrats agreed with. So he really didn't go against his party on that issue. Also most people say that bill hurts republicans more than Democrats.

World View:

Rick warren: People what to know what your worldview is.

Jesus Christ died for my sins and I am redeemed through him.
Embrace not just in words, but in deeds the expections God has for us.

Rick Warren is asking Obama at what point does a baby get human rights.
Obama: Answering that question is above my paygrade.
I believe in Roe V Wade.
I don't think women make these decisions casually.
I want to reduce the number of aboritons.
I am in favor of limits on late term abortions, if there is an exception for the mother's health.
Are there ways we can work together to reduce unwanted pregencies.

Define Marriage:
Obama: Marriage is the union between a man and a womam.
I would not support a constitutional amendment to that affect.
I do believe in Civil Unions.
I do not believe that inhibit my core beliefs on marriage.

Would you fund embroyic stem cell research.
Says that he would fund in the same way the President did. (funding for research of embroys that are going to be destoryed anyway.)

Does evil exist?
Obama: evil does exist. (mentions many ways it manifest)
Says it must be confronted. We can be soliders in confronting evil. Just because our intentions are good doesn't mean we're going to be doing good.

Which existing Supreme Court Justice would you have not nominated.
Obama: Clarence Thomas (not a good enough legal mind at the time of nomination)
Justica Scalia (because I do not agree with him.)
Justice Roberts (too willing to give administration more power)

Faith Based initatives.
Obama: I know the power of faith based institutions in getting stuff done.
"The devil is in the details"
I want a level playing field for faith based programs.

Do you believe in merit pay for teaches?
Yes, we should reward excellence.

Define rich:
150,000 or less is middle class
250,000 is rich.
It is irresponsible to spend $1o million a month on a war and not pay for it.
150,000 or less you will get a tax cut
250,000 or more you will get a tax increase.

second break:

President bush stopped funding for embroyic stem cell research after the existing lines were destroyed. Also saying he would not have appointed any conservative judges (all three of the judges he named were conservatives) shows he will appoint liberal judges to the court and that could help McCain with his base. He also said he will raise taxes on those making $250,000 a month. That of course will cause inflation because corporations will raise prices of products.

What should America Sacrifice American lives for
America's freedom, America's interest.

When would you send in troops to prevent mass killing.
I would go into war without U.N. Approval.
I want strong international support. (Bosina)

Would you be willing to put an emergency plan for orphans?
Compliments bush on AIDS program.
says yes to the question.

What would you do to prevent persecution of Christians around the world?
People's faith and beliefs have to be protected.
We must have religious tolerance in America
Brings up torture.
We must do more to prosected human trafficers.
share intelligence
debasement of Human dignity.

Why do you want to be President?
I believe the American Dream where anyone can become President is slipping away.
Our politics and Washington is broken so that we can't bring people together to work on common problems.

One thing you would say to people if you knew there wouldn't be any consequences
Solving big problems is not going to be easy and there is going to be a price to be paid. There will be sacrifice envolved in finding new energy and proserving the enviroment.

Exit Obama
Enter McCain

There were on stage with each other for about two seconds.

McCain on stage.
same questions as Obama.
Three people who will influence you admistration
General Petayrus, John Lewis, (Civil Rights Leader) Meg Wittman, CEO of EBAY

What is the greatest moral failure in your life?
My greatest moral failure was the failure of my first marriage. Serve a cause greater than your self-interest

Name an issue you were you went against your party and personal interest on
Climate change, torture, out of control spending, was against peacekeeping mission in Beiruit.

Name an issue you filp-flopped on in the last ten years.
Offshore drilling, it's a national security issue. We have to do everything and we have to have nuclear power.

What was the hardest decision you ever made?
Saying no to early release when he was a P.O.W. was the hardest decision he ever made. Also the decision he's the happiest about.

Brake: Wow McCain came off very well. He's also being funny and charming. answers 4 and 5 we both out of the park.

Faith means I'm saved and have been forgiven. Talks about his experiences of torture of Vietnam. tells a story about a vietnam solider drawing a cross on the ground

At the moment of conception a baby is entitled to human rights.

Marriage is between a man and a women. If the supreme court ruled that Arizona had to recognize gay marriage then he would favor constitutional Amendment

I am in favor of stem-cell research, but believe it will soon be a academic issue. Refers to skin cell research.

Do you believe in Evil?
We must defeat evil. I will get Osama Bin Laden and bring him to Justice. We are facing the transcedent challenge of the 21th Century. Racial Islamic Extremism. We must totally defeat this challenge.

What judges would you not have nominated?
Justice Ginsberg, Stevens, Breyer, and Souter. Are Justices I would not have nominated. Judges should not legislate from the benches. Alito and Roberts are my favorities.

I would make faith base programs hire outside of their faith because it would cripple them.

What about Merit based teacher pay?
Pay good teachers more. Find bad teachers another line of work. Choice and Competition. Home schooling, vouchers, charter schools. etc. It's the civil rights issue of the 21th century. What oppurtunity does a child have if he/she is going to a failing school.

What do you consider rich?
I want everybody to get rich. Keep taxes low. $7,000 tax credit for every child. $5,000 for healthcare (refundable) Keep taxes low and cut spending. Two things congress never miss a pay raise and a vacation. It doesn't matter what my defination of rich is because I don't want to raise anyone's taxes. Our best days our ahead it.

When our right to security and our right to privacy collide what takes precedent?
Congress needs to work together to figure out those issues. We have to stay up with changes in technology. (not asked to Obama, had extra time.)

When do you make the decision to go to war?
The most precious assest we have is our nations blood. We won the cold war without firing a shot. I would commit troops if American national security was at jeopardy. Talks about Rwanda. We need to do more to stop genocide in darfur. We need to enforce a genuine ceasefire. 118,000 people have been displaced in Georiga. Russians are coming in as a act of agreession. Russia must respect entire tegority of Georiga. Russia's invasion cannot be allowed in the 21th century,

We must make adoption alot easier in America. Tells story about cindy adopting their daughter from Mother Threasa's orphagange

Why do you want to be President?
I want to put my country first. I will work across the alise.

McCain was very quick and definitive with almost all of his answers. I think he did very well at this forum. He told several personal stories about his life. It's hard to find a place he made a mistake at this event. I will say he made the same mistake Obama did about judges. He only had to mention one judge he wouldn't have nominated. Mentioning all four liberal judges was a mistake in my opinion. Obama should've said Scalia and Thomas. McCain should've said Ginsberg and Stevens. Those Justices are seen as the furthest right and left on the court. Naming all the liberal/conservative judges looks like pandering.

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  1. Ick. I'm glad I didn't have to listen to these candidates pander to every minority or bigoted group in the country. This was start to finish a waste of everybody's time.

    If either of these guys had real balls they would've said. Go to my website. I can't answer these questions in sixty seconds.

    How many more of these do we have to suffer through? I know there's the three official debates. What did this fall under?