Saturday, August 16, 2008

Phelps escapes Chinese authories wins eight gold metals breaks Spitz Record.

Turns out Phelps escaped the Chinese mafia man without Obama's help. Michael Phelps has won his eighth gold metal at these Olympics. NBC is always selling a video called "Michael Phelps Greatest Olympic Champion." Phelps broke the record of seven gold metals set by Mark Spitz back in 1972. Phelps was also a part of breaking seven world records at these games. However Phelps might want to give some of the bonus money he's getting from his sponsers to his pal Jason Lezak. Lezak ran down the world record holder in the 100 freestyle Alain Bernard. On the anchor leg of the 4 X 100 freestyle relay. He also anchored the 4 X 100 medley relay tonight. If you haven't seen the freestyle relay watch. The race starts two mins in if your in a real hurry. I've seen it three or four times now it's awesome. Of course the really crazy thing is he's planning on going to the 2012 games in London. Come on Michael give the others guys a chance.

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