Sunday, August 10, 2008

McCain is Conservative Enough For Me!

I'm always surprised at people who say McCain isn't conservative enough. He's pro-life although he did support embroyic stem cell research, that really is not an issue anymore because scientists have found they can use adult stem cells. He opposes gay marriage, at least to the point where he thinks it should be a State's right issue. He's undoubtly a fiscal and foreign policy conservative. (He voted against the Bush tax cuts because they weren't tied to cuts in spending) What's our deficit again? He also says he will appoint conservative judges. So the man's not perfect find me one candidate in the Republican Primary that was perfect. Rudy was pro-choice, Romney was a flip-flopper, Huckabee had problems on the immigration issue and with taxes, maybe Thompson, but he didn't seem to really want the job.

I want to talk about the two issues that McCain as problems on with conservatives. I'll start with the environment. Basically people say he's bought into the global warming hysteria. That he will cause businesses to go out of business or cut jobs and raise prices by mandating new laws about emissions. Or what has become know as a cap and trade policy. Basically this law would require every business to stay under a certain amount of admissions. However if a business needed to go over the mandated amount all it would have is find a business that was under the amount and buy their extra emissions credits. This encourages companies to stay under the limit so they can have extra to sell.
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I don't know if their is global warming and to tell the truth I don't much care. The way I see it's in our interest to reduce pollution global warming or no global warming. If not, were eventually going to have smog in most of our major cities, and I don't know about you, but I kinda like being able to breath. The same goes for investing in alternative energies. It's just better for the enviroment as a whole. The fact it's in our national interest not to send money to Venezuela and Saudi Arabia just bolester's the case that we should use less oil. I'm still for drilling for our own oil as well. Mostly due to the fact that it might take awhile to get the other forms of energy to be efficient and affordable enough for people to use. I don't want oil to get so high that people can't go to work, and force change like some of my democratic friends.

Now on to the other issue conservatives have a problem with McCain on illegal immigration. Their will be a immigration bill signed by the next President of the United States. The question do you want it to be a blanket amnesty bill, which is what Obama would sign, or do you want the comprehensive plan that McCain would sign. I know, I know you don't want either. The comprehensive plan is amnesty. No what Reagan signed was amnesty. McCain's plan has some penalites for entering the country illegally and would also have the affect of finishing the wall on the border. I do agree that if their not going to build the wall there's no point in passing this bill because we would need another one in twenty years. There's also no way we get the wall built if Obama is President. So we build the wall first then pass an immigration bill to take care of this problem for the last time. Or we could pass the bill and have it go into affect on the day the wall on the border with Mexico is completed. I've heard some stats recently saying that illegal crossings have dropped significantly recently. Also were prosecting more illegals recently. This would also stop under an Obama Presidency.

Even if you still don't like McCain on either issue their is no doubt that he would be better on both than Obama. Obama is against drilling, or he was against it before he was for it. I feel sure he'll be against it again soon so no need to worry. Obama is one of those Democrats who wants oil prices to hit $200 a barrel so he can put all of the money into finding alternative energies while we suffer. As I've said Obama would impose a blanket amnesty bill. Also if Obama passes an amnesty bill it could very well end the Republican Party. It's going to be hard to win elections with 90% of both blacks and hispanics voting for Democrats. Actually it wouldn't be possible to win an election under those conditions. So decide now vote for McCain and get 80% of want you want, or vote for Obama get 0% and bring an end to the Republican Party, your call.

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  1. I agree that a clear path to citizenship will put the GOP on the defense for a couple of decades, especially when coupled with a healthcare plan that will cut the number of uninsured in half (and create near universal coverage of children).

    Not to mention, the next president will probably appoint three justices to the Supreme Court.