Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Really Obama, this is the position you want to take.

Are you kidding me? Obama says he has more executive experience than Palin because he runs a campaign. First of all Obama, you don't run the campaign. You have people that do that for you. Your the person being run. Then he tries to take credit for the great job the Republicans did handling this storm by saying they were using his ideas.

Look here Obama, you have no executive experience, that's not questionable. You also spent most of the interview saying we. I got news for you Freshman when your President you make the decisions. In a Campaign if a bad decision is made you can fire the person responsible, which we all know your capable of. However if a bad decision is made by an administration, The President is responsible. I know I know the liberals are going to come in and say Iraq was a mistake. Well I don't think it was and furthermore we just handed off control of Anbar Province to the Iraqi government yesterday. So it looks like alot is going right there.

Also it would help if you quit making fun of small towns. I'm sorry Wasila isn't big enough or have enough employees for you. However continuing to mock people who live in small towns isn't exactly great politics. You know you have to win more than New York and California to win this election, don't you Obama?

Hat Tip: Patriot Room

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