Monday, September 1, 2008

Live Post

5:45 pm Laura Bush walks onto the stage and gets a standing ovation.

5:47 says her and George have changed the focus of her and President Bush and the first priority is the safety of those living in the gulf coast.
"First we are all Americans."
Our ideals transcend political particeship.
Mentions the Governors of the gulf coast states are all Republicans
Four Governors have taped messages for us.

Rick Perry- TX
Talking about the help with the evacuation.
Mentions possibly of a flood in NW Texas saying their prepared.
Says Republican governors in Republican states are taking care of their citizens "That's what we do.

Bob Reilly -AL
I've seen remarkable acts of charity
We have a great team in place taking action and saving lives
Thanks President Bush for everything he is doing
Thanks National Guard
"You are making this country proud."

Charlie Crist- FL
Thoughts and prayers with 14 Floridans that lost lives in Fay last week.
Ask not what party you are but how you can help.

Barbour MS
Thank you for your prayers
Thanks everyone who gave after Hurricane Katrinia
"We will never forget the outpouring of charity."
Says he will be in Mississippi til all is clear.

Laura Bush and Cindy McCain
Cindy says she's honored to be standing next to Mrs. Bush
This is a time when we take off our Republican hats and put on our American hats.
The site will allow all of us to help those who are suffering from Gustav

Laura Bush
Americans are known for coming to the aid of their fellow citizens.
charities that have been identified by the Gulf Coast governors are listed on a red screen in the back.

Governor's Emergency Relief Fund
(877) 273 - 5018

Florida Disaster Fund
(850) 410-0696

Hurricane Gustav Relief and Recovery Fund
(877) 387-6126

Aidmatrix Foundation
(866) 881-8882

Mississippi Hurricane Recovery Fund

Texas Responds
(512) 473-2140

The Republican convention has convened for the day. I have no idea what will happen tomorrow, but if they do anything I will blog about it live if possible

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