Thursday, September 18, 2008

Biden says city council harder job than Senator.

Start that the Biden gaffe clock over again. On this clip Joe Biden says that being a city council member is harder than being a Senator. I wonder if Obama is wishing he picked Hillary. The clip is 12 secs long so go ahead and see it for yourself.


  1. or am I so so slow, that I forgot to insert "get" before sarcasm?

  2. We get sarcasm, but that wasn't it. There wasn't one hint of sarcastic tone in his voice. It was a gaffe. I think you're thinking of irony.

  3. That wasn't Sarcasm Cranky. He was trying to pander to the city councilman and put his foot in his mouth, again.

  4. Ok, you're right. He's thinks your basic city councilman is more qualified than a Harvard Law Review president, University of Chicago Constitutional law professor, U.S. Senator to be leader of the free world.

    Well, as long as you'd like to have a beer with them, the major qualification these days, I guess you're right.

  5. Now see, C.O.F. that was a good example of sarcasm! Thanks for illustrating that for the group. As I understand it, Obama is a JUNIOR senator and while he was on the Harvard Law Review he never actually published ANYTHING - and don't forget his stellar "present" voting record. You're right, he rocks! (That's sarcasm, too.)

  6. Shauna,

    Thank you for clearly illustrating why Palin is so beloved by the GED crowd.

    Not only do they sneer at higher education, they haven't even a clue as to what is involved in being President of the Harvard Law review, or lecturing in Constitutional law at a prestigious institution like the University of Chicago.

    Bubba Community College, or Harvard Law, it's all the same to these knuckle draggers. Then again, first dude couldn't even make it past H.S., could he?

    I swear, we are gonna elect our president through the American Idol format one day.