Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Just to let you know I've noticed the smears

I was watching CNN earlier tonight and they were discussing Sarah Palin. They basically said that she had too many children to be President. One of their guess suggested that men were incapable of taking care of children. So basically they offended me twice in the matter of five seconds. Lets talk about Palin first, then we'll get more personal.

The media has spent the entire day trying to stir up controversy over Palin's daughter. My favorite is when people who are not evangelicals talk about how offended we must be that Palin's daughter got pregnant and how it doesn't fit in to the evangelicals view of good family values. I don't think these idiots know what evangelicals think about family values all they know is what people who don't like evangelicals say evangelicals view of family values are. Apparently were supposed to have the poor girl stoned to death. Speaking as an evagelical I find this offensive. Most of what I've seen of this as come from CNN. You see some on other networks too, but on CNN it's unchallenged with everyone nodding in agreement.

Also is it just me or has the media set the country back thirty years in two days. Apparently women are now not allowed to have a job and children they must pick one. They are saying that Sarah Palin is neglecting her children by taking this job as Vice President. Maybe if she was a single mother I'd agree, but she's not. There is a father on the scene is this family. Speaking as a man who was raised by a single father, let me just say that men are perfectly capable of raising children. It's not as if these children will never see their mother. You would think Palin has plans to leave her family in Alaska after the election. Apparently if she did the children would starve to death because men are to stupid to remember to feed their kids, according to CNN.

With all that said I want to wait to post my reaction to all of this until after Palin speaks, most likely tomorrow night. By Friday you can expect a stinging rebuke of the smears against Sarah Palin. What this? This was nothing.


  1. I agree. I don't care about how many kids she has or that her daughter is pregnant. That's only relevant in as much as John McCain was completely unaware of it when he selected her as his VP -- which is to say that John McCain didn't bother to do his homework on the most important decision he's made during this campaign. Now, that is an important point.

    As for Palin, I'd much rather the media talk about her participation in the Alaskan Independence Party -- a party whose platform advocated for Alaska to secede from the union -- or the account of her abuse of power not only as governor, but even as mayor of Wasilla.

    Also, the fact that there's virtually no record of her on any issues of national importance. And you can't chalk that up to the fact that she was a governor. Plenty of governors have voiced opinions on national issues when asked.

    There are a lot of things to be wary of when it comes to Palin. Her pregnant daughter isn't one of them. Of course, if the shoe was on the other foot, the right wing would crucify Obama over it