Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Live Post

9:05 The woman on the stage is talking about helping out the Hurricane victims
"As you can as you are willing please welcome John McCain's call."

9:07 The President George H.W. Bush (41) and First Lady Barbara Bush just walked in. They received a standing ovation.

9:11 Capt Shanna Hanson is talking about the Minnesota bridge collapse. In between the chucks of broken concrete we got a glimpse of the best of human begins

"The real heroes of last August were the citizens of Minnesota."

Tells the people who were affected by Gustav you are in our thoughts and prayers.

9:13 Rudy is speaking on Hannity and Colmes talking about how Palin stood up to corrupt Repubilcans

I decided to repost these numbers in this post since this convention is about serving others. I hope anyone who can afford to will give to these worthy charities.

Governor's Emergency Relief Fund
(877) 273 - 5018

Florida Disaster Fund
(850) 410-0696

Hurricane Gustav Relief and Recovery Fund
(877) 387-6126

Aidmatrix Foundation
(866) 881-8882

Mississippi Hurricane Recovery Fund

Texas Responds
(512) 473-2140

9:30pm I'm waiting for President Bush to give what could be called his farewell address to this convention. I expect the President to be a little toned down because of the tragedy this week. However I still think it's going to be a great speech and should set the table for Thompson, who I think will bring the house down. I'm not sure if he or Lieberman goes first. But, I would not want to follow Thompson tonight.

9:40pm Brit Hume picks up the coverage on Fox. Were closing in on showtime.

President Bush will appear via satelite from the White House

The crowd starts chanting USA, USA, USA!

9:45 They've been honoring war veterans and our now asking McCain's fellow POW's to stand.

Laura Bush is on the stage wearing red. It looks much better than orange don't you think

"I'm proud that America's first female Vice President will be a Republican woman."
women have always be an important part of our party
mentions the woman that served in the Bush Administration.

Laura Bush is about to offer a little straight talk. Talks about the Bush record
Education reform minority scores the highest they've ever been
Supreme Court Justices
Thanks to my husband program for aids 2,000,000 Africans now get aids treatment. Only 50,000 before President Bush
fifty million people free in Afghanistan and Iraq
President Bush has kept the American people safe

President Bush
damage across the gulf coast less than many had feared.

Calls McCain a great American and the next President of the United States.
John McCain's life has prepared him to make the tough choices

"He is ready to lead this nation"
"The man to follow when there's a tough call to make."
"His arms had been broken, but not his honor"
"If the Hanoi Hilton could not break his resolve to do what is best for his country you can be sure the angry left never will"
Bush is talking up John McCain on the surge and talking about his independence.
"This is the kind of courage and vision we need in the next Command in Chief"

Mentions Palin, crowd cheers.
I am Optismic
"I have faith in freedoms power to lift up all of God's children and lead this world to peace."
Says the convention traded up for Laura Bush at the Convention. The man really loves his wife.
end of speech

Laura is talking about Cindy McCain's charity work. If cindy can do all of this in the last four months, imagine what she can do in eight years in the White House.

May God bless America.
end of Laura's speech

Tribute video to Ronald Reagan starts
Reagan replaced Carter's indecision with conviction politics.
Inspired Reagan Revolution.
One of the foot soilders Johm McCain
Ronald reagan saved our American, saved our Century, and changed the world

Here comes Fred this is where it gets really good
We're going to nominate the next President and Vice President of the United States
Fred's talking about Sarah Palin.
"She's from a small town but that's not good enough for the washington pundits."
Give me a Alaskan government whose taken on the establishment and won over the beltway business as usual anyday.

She's the only nominee in the history of either party who knows how to field dress a moose.

Switch the topic to John McCain
Talks about McCain's sons who are serving in Iraq. One is going back on Christmas Day.

If you want to know who John McCain is if you want to know what John McCain values look at the servicemen and women.

I've never heard McCain's story told in such detail this really is an amazing man.

We hear alot of talk about hope, John McCain knows about hope it's all he had

"John McCain's bones may have been broken, but his spirit never was."

"This is the kind of character that civilzations from the beinging of time have sought from their leaders."

Two questions we will never have to ask, Who is this man? Can we trust this man with the Presidency?

Talking about John McCain not caring about what the polls say.
That is Character you can believe in
McCain led the battle to change Washington.

"A man who never quits is never defeated"
Great line I'm putting it on all my outgoing messages.

Fred takes a shot at Obama. Something about getting support from foreign leaders before he's President

The most liberal, most inexperienced nominee in History

The Congress is History making because it's the least accomplish least popular congress in History

It's not reform it's the same ole stuff they've been peddling for years.

Great retort on taxes. "unless you buy something from a business like groceries, gas, or clothes, don't worry about it, it won't affect you.

Tonight we are being called upon to do what is right for our country.
We don't need someone who thinks a unborn baby is upon his paygrade.

Tonight we are being called to do what is best for our country

10:39 pm
Wow Fred, where was this in the primaries. This was a great speech it definatly explained why we should all vote for John McCain. I love the line on taxes it was great. Also saying it wasn't reform it was the same old stuff they've been peddling for years was great.

Joe's up

Starts off talking about Gustav
we don't think about if the victims were Democrats and Republicans because were all Americans
It shouldn't take a Hurricane to bring us together.

Too often Democrats and Republicans fight each other instead of fight for Americans.

"What is a Democrat like me doing at a Republican Convention like this?"
I'm supporting John McCain because Country matters more than party.
John McCain is the best choice.

Being a Democrat or a Republican is important, but it is no where near as important as being an America.

Only one candidate has actually gotten beyond Partisanship John S. McCain

You can expect McCain to put our country first. That's the code by which he's lived his entire life.

Talking about all the bi-partisan things McCain has done.

Don't be fooled by these political statements and advertisements. God only made one John McCain and he is his own man.

If John McCain is just another partisan republican I'm Michael Moore's favorite Democrat.

Eloquence is not substitute for a record

I think Palin is getting more applause than McCain here

The real ticket for change is the McCain-Palin ticket

What we need now is not more party unity what we need now is more national unity.

We are a nation at war.

Liberman is talking about John McCain's record on the Iraq war.

America's troops are coming home in honor.

John McCain will be a President that our allies will trust and our enemies will fear.

Joe Liberman tells Democrats and Independents this is no ordinary election because these are not ordinary times.

John McCain will get government working again for all the American people.

this year when you vote for President vote for the person you think is best for our country not for the party you happen to belong too.

Vote for the Leader that has always put American first.

Make an American Patriot John McCain our next great President.

Liberman's speech wasn't aimed at me. I agree with alot of what he said. His best line was "John McCain will be a President that our allies will trust and our enemies will fear." I don't know how this speech will play with Democrats and Independents because I'm neither. I guess we will see if this ends up being a plus for McCain.


  1. Do not let Thompson speak publicly again unless he has some lemon water beforehand. All that clearing his throat into the microphone after every sentence is annoying and dare I say somewhat disgusting.

  2. I've heard the speech twice now Wiz and I thought it was great both times. Maybe you need to hear it again.

  3. I appreciate your comments from the floor. I only wish you had http://twitter.com or http://twitterfeed.com to publish your blog entries and keep us up to the minute!

    Its great hearing from a well spoken Christian conservative, even if you are below the 49th...