Sunday, September 7, 2008

McCain 48 Obama 45 says Gallup

This poll does not take into account McCain's speech on Thursday night. This is the second poll I've seen that gives McCain the lead and I'm starting to be excited. I'm hoping McCain will top fifty percent in the polls that come out on Monday. It looks like the debates are the only thing that separate McCain from the White House.

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  1. C'mon. The are convention bump polls. Obama's bump lasted about a week. McCain's will do about the same. That's how it always is with conventions. That's why I didn't report on Obama's bump a week and a half ago, and that's why I'd take McCain's bump with a grain of salt.

    Everyone always gets a bump from the convention, and the numbers always settle back down to roughly what they were before the convention.

    Let's keep this blog a bit more savvy, because I know you're aware of these facts. I didn't bother to report on the polls during the Democratic convention, because I knew they were meaningless.